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Benefits of MMGuardian



Set Time Limits to prevent excessive use

Lock the phone between specified times, to prevent your child from using their phone or tablet at night when they should be asleep!

Set different lock times for school nights and weekend nights.


Block Apps including WhatsApp, SnapChat, Instagram and PlayStore

Control which apps your child gets to use, and when. Set schedules to prevent non-educational from apps being used during school hours.

You can also set daily usage limits, which is ideal for preventing excessive use of social apps or games.


Block Websites containing Porn, Adult or other inappropriate content

Prevent your child from accessing web sites that are not appropriate for children, using the Web Filter function.

Select which categories of web sites are allowed or should be blocked, or set up specific URLs and domains to allow or block.


View complete web browsing history

The complete MMGuardian Web Filter and Safe Browser solution includes detailed reports, accessible from the parent web portal, about all sites that have been viewed and attempts that were blocked.


Prevent Sexting and Cyberbullying

Stop your child becoming a victim by using the text Monitor function to be alerted whenever an SMS text message is sent or received that contains words which you deem to be inappropriate.


Find out who your child talks with

For younger children, you’ll probably just want to use the Call Block function to limit calls to be with specified people.

For older children, enable the opt-in Detailed Call Data function to see detailed reports providing full information about with whom your child talks with, when and for how long.


Find out who your child texts with

Enable the opt-in Detailed SMS Data function to see detailed reports showing who your child is texting with, when they text and also the contents of text messages sent or received.


Get the location of your child’s phone

On demand or at parent defined times.

Worried that you child is not where they are supposed to be? Use an SMS command, the Parent App or the Parent Web Portal to find out where your child is right now.

Or, set up schedules for the app to automatically report the location of the phone at pre-set times.


Comprehensive reports and alerts

The various reports available at the MMGuardian Parent Web Portal will provide you with invaluable insights into how and when your child uses their phone or tablet.

See which apps are used, when and for how long. See how much texting and and talking you child is doing. And if specifically enabled, see complete details of the calls and SMS text messages.


Recent Customer Testimonials



“Gives great control I keep wondering why I didn’t download this app sooner. I have it on my daughter’s phone and it works great. Now I monitor her texts, web activities and calls weekly and it is a big relief to me because there is a way for me to access what she does with her phone. I can set a time restriction to limit her using it for hours on playing games. Thank you!”
PlayStore Review
“Worth every penny. This is the best parental control app available hands down. If you need further proof just look at how many one star ratings have been given by kids. It may not be popular with some but it is the job of the parents to look after them. I like that this app cannot be deleted unless you have the password. Also, it locks down unwanted apps and browsers tight! If you want to lock down internet access like I do, there are no back doors or tricks to get around it. Some apps have browsers built into them that can be accessed by someone with knowledge. This even prevents that from happening. After probing extensively. I found one backdoor. I emailed the developers and they got right back to me. Three days later there was an update to fix the problem. This is a great investment. The subscription cost was worth every penny!”
PlayStore Review
“I love this app. Thank you for giving me some peace of mind knowing I don’t have to constantly check up on my child to make sure they are following the rules and have them feel that I don’t trust them or are trying to get them in trouble. This app allows me to set up the restrictions and automatically makes sure they follow them.”
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The MMGuardian Parental Control System




MMGuardian Parental Control
The app for kid’s phones

Install the MMGuardian Parental Control app on your child’s phone, select the options you require, and let the app take on the task of ensuring your kids use their smartphone sensibly!

A comprehensive set of functions enables you to set control rules appropriate for both today and in the future as your child grows and matures. The app can be managed online using the MMGuardian Parent App, or from the Parent Web Portal where detailed phone usage reports can be also viewed to gain valuable insights into how your child uses their phone.

Whether you are looking to control phone or app usage, monitor text messages and calls, restrict the types of websites that your child may view, or simply keep track of where your child is, MMGuardian Parental Control provides the solution to your needs.

Quick Start Guide


MMGuardian Tablet Security
The app for tablets

Use the MMGuardian Tablet Security app to set times to block device usage, restrict the types of websites that your child may view, and control what apps may be used and when. You may set daily usage limits for each app with different times for weekdays and weekends.

The tablet app can be remotely managed from the MMGuardian Parent Web Portal or from the MMGuardian Parent App.

Quick Start Guide


MMGuardian Parent App
The app for parents!

Manage the MMGuardian applications that are installed on your children’s phones and tablets, directly from your own phone!

Use the MMGuardian Parent App to quickly locate your child’s phone or to lock or unlock the phone or tablet with a simple button press. You may also use the Parent App to set and edit all the functions of the Parental Control or Tablet App installed on your child’s device.

The Parent App is totally free to download and use. Please note that if the trial period of the phone or tablet app has ended and it is not licensed, then configuration of Premium features will not be possible from the Parent App, as these features are no longer functional. You can also purchase subscriptions or licences, to apply to the app on your child’s device, from the Parent App.


MMGuardian Parent Web Portal
Online management and reporting

As an alternative to using the Parent App, the MMGuardian Parent Web Portal enables you to manage the MMGuardian application that is installed on your child’s phone or tablet remotely from a PC.

The portal enables you to set the configuration of all app functions such as Time Limits, Web Filter and App Control, and also allows you to quickly locate your child’s phone, or to lock or unlock the child’s phone or tablet with a simple button press.

Additionally, gain valuable insights into how and when your child uses their phone or tablet from the advanced reports available on the portal, and optionally review their calls and text messages.

MMGuardian in the Press

MMGuardian in the Press