The most popular Social Media is Texting!

Teens Texting

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It seems that teens prefer to send a text message.

That’s right, not Facebook messenger and not Snapchat! More high schoolers use texting more often than other forms of messaging, according to analysis performed by The Atlantic of research performed by Niche.  Of the 7,000 teens who were polled,  87%  use text messaging (SMS) at least a few times a day, far ahead of Facebook messenger, ranked 2nd with 61% and with Instagram and Snapchat logging 51% and 46% respectively.

So, if you haven’t used the text monitoring and reporting feature of MMGuardian, you should probably give it a try. It is easy, just log onto the Parent Web Portal at: and check the ‘Report detailed SMS data’ box on the Phone Usage page, and that is it. The MMGuardian app will start to send in reports (overnight) of all the SMS messages exchanged.

If you’d rather not trawl through the potentially hundreds of texts sent/received, you can simply set up a list of sensitive words, and you’ll be alerted when a text message sent or received contains a matching keyword.

We hope that this helps you fully utilise the powerful set of parent control features offered by MMGuardian Parental Control.

Happy Parenting in a mobile and connected world.