Florida Sheriff Warns Parents About More Apps Following Arrest of 23 Suspected Child Predators

A parent recently shared this article in the Tech-Savvy Parenting Facebook group: https://www.fox4news.com/news/florida-sheriff-warns-parents-about-more-apps-following-arrest-of-23-suspected-child-predators

We highly recommend reading the article and educating yourself on the large number of apps that predators use to target children.  It is likely that your child has downloaded at least one of them.

While it’s uplifting to know these dangerous people are being taken off the streets, stories like these also highlight how important it is for parents to remain up to date on the apps their children are using and the potential dangers they pose.  Parental control apps like MMGuardian are extremely helpful in this endeavor, but it’s also important to communicate with your child about predators and using apps safely.

MMGuardian can help you keep on top of what apps your child is using by allowing you to see what apps are installed on their Android phone and how long they are using them.  It will also alert you to new app downloads and gives you the option to automatically block all newly installed apps so that your child will be unable to use any newly downloaded apps without your permission.  MMGuardian offers a host of other features which you can read about here.

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