¿Qué significa flex ¿Qué quieres decir?
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flex Significado

Flex refers to showing off or exaggerating accomplishments. Flex is an internet slang expression that conveys arrogance or insincerity.


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¿Cómo se flex utilizado? Casos de uso y ejemplos

The slang expression flex is derived from bodybuilders flexing their muscles in a show of strength. This slang term implies that a person is arrogant and insincere, and it was introduced to the mainstream by the rapper Ice Cube in 1993.

Examples of how your teem might use the slang term flex:

-Give me a dono, bro. I’m a great player.
-stop flexing loser

-The waves were sick and I did a kickflip
-yeah you’re flexin on me kook

-How was the victory party?
-The jocks were beyond arrogant. We needed a no flex zone.

-im making progress chloe told livi she would rather scrub a toilet than sit beside me
-weird flex but ok
-at least she knows who i am lol

Cómo identificar si su hijo utiliza la flex palabra del argot

Puede que te enteres de que tu hijo utiliza este término del argot por casualidad, cuando aparezca un texto en la pantalla del teléfono. Pero aunque el argot flex es inofensivo, otros términos de la jerga adolescente podrían indicar que tu hijo está hablando de conductas de riesgo o comunicándose con personas potencialmente peligrosas.

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Cómo hablar con su hijo sobre el uso del flex palabra del argot

Teenagers will not be shy about calling people on their inauthenticity, and the slang expression flex reflects that reality. Disdainful of being humble, the kid who flexes craves attention and has a strong desire to impress others. Whether your kid is the flexer or the kid who is annoyed by flexers, this slang term opens the door for a disscussion about keeping it real.

Here are some conversation starters for talking with your kid about showing off:

  • When you feel excited or nervous in a group, are you tempted to exaggerate to impress people?
  • How do you react when you find youself in a group of people who are flexing?
  • What’s the wildest thing you’ve heard someone brag about?
  • Why do you think gullible people fall for flexing?

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