¿Qué significa JK ¿Qué quieres decir?
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JK Significado

JK means Just Kidding.

JK is an internet slang initialism that indicates that the preceding part of a message is not to be taken seriously. This slang term can be used seriously or sarcastically.


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¿Cómo se JK utilizado? Casos de uso y ejemplos

One of the earliest internet abbreviations, JK dates from the days of internet chat rooms. It was orginally written j/k, but the / was later dropped. JK is a standalone sentence that is usually typed in lowercase letters.

Examples of how your teen might use the slang expression JK:

-I’ll drive over when I get off work.
-Think your car will make it? jk

-you know you want to let me borrow that cute dress jk

-You won’t believe what Ellie said to me!
-Save the drama for your mama! jk

-those empanadas you brought made us all sick jk

Cómo identificar si su hijo utiliza la JK palabra del argot

Puede que te enteres de que tu hijo utiliza este término del argot por casualidad, cuando aparezca un texto en la pantalla del teléfono. Pero aunque el argot JK es inofensivo, otros términos de la jerga adolescente podrían indicar que tu hijo está hablando de conductas de riesgo o comunicándose con personas potencialmente peligrosas.

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Cómo hablar con su hijo sobre el uso del JK palabra del argot

Teenagers, and even some adults, sometimes go too far when joking with other people. Incessant sarcasm presented as joking can sometimes feel like bullying or gaslighting. The teenage slang term JK provides an opening into a discussion about the boundaries for joking.

Here are some tips for initiating a conversation with your teenager about the slang expression JK:

  • How do you react to put-down humor, whether it’s aimed at you or someone else?
  • How can you use humor to cope with challenges?
  • Are there other slang expressions besides JK that indicate that a message is not to be taken seriously?
  • Using humor is yet another think before you click situation. Make sure that what you’re saying is funny rather than hurtful.

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