Cosa fa DM Cioè?
Definizione, casi d'uso, esempi

DM Significato

DM sta per Direct Message.

DM is used when a person wants to communicate with someone directly.


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Come è DM utilizzato? Casi d'uso ed esempi

If teenagers are in a group chat, they might want to break out and speak privately. In this case one person will send or request a direct message to take the conversation out of the public domain. This abbreviation is also used to refer to the “Dungeon Master” in the game Dungeons and Dragons.

Esempi di come il vostro adolescente potrebbe usare il termine gergale DM:

-Hunter dm’d me this morning!

-If you have dog food donations that need to be picked up, DM me.
<p-DM me when you can, so we can figure out the party plans.

-My friend Austin is the best DM ever.

Come identificare se vostro figlio sta usando il DM parola gergale

Potreste scoprire che vostro figlio usa questo termine gergale per caso, quando un testo appare sullo schermo del telefono. Ma mentre il termine gergale DM è innocuo, altri termini gergali adolescenziali potrebbero indicare che l'adolescente sta parlando di comportamenti rischiosi o sta comunicando con persone potenzialmente pericolose.

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Come parlare con il proprio figlio dell'utilizzo del DM parola gergale

If you see “DM” in your teen’s messages, it’s probably harmless but worth checking out. Direct messaging is an ubiquitous form of communication, but you want to keep an eye on who is asking your teen to communicate privately. Here are some conversation starters for you and your teen:
  • I saw that a person from the dance organization asked you to dm them about the upcoming competition. Do adults you don’t know dm you frequently?
  • If someone you don’t know well dm’s you, how can you tell if he/she is sketchy?
  • Do you think direct messaging is easier than calling?
  • How much time does a person have to commit to become a Dungeon Master? It sounds pretty complicated.

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