Cosa fa GB Cioè?
Definizione, casi d'uso, esempi

GB Significato

GB sta per Goodbye, God Bless, gang bang, or gravity bong. GB is an internet slang initialism that describes good wishes at parting, rape of one person by a group of people, or a homemade pipe for smoking marijuana.


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Come è GB utilizzato? Casi d'uso ed esempi

The initialism GB has multiple meanings that range from pleasant conversation closers such as Goodbye e God bless to high risk behavior indicators such as gang bang e gravity bong. It’s essential to consider the context of the digital conversation to correctly translate this slang expression.

Esempi di come il vostro adolescente potrebbe usare il termine gergale GB:

-Have fun on your trip! GB

-We’ll miss you! Come back to visit! GB

-did you hear justin got arrested
-he was accused of being part of a gb

-Can you help me with my project?
-you mean the gb?
-yep ready to blast

Come identificare se vostro figlio sta usando il GB parola gergale

Potreste scoprire che vostro figlio usa questo termine gergale per caso, quando un testo appare sullo schermo del telefono. Ma mentre il termine gergale GB is harmless in its most-used context, in some contexts it could indicate that your teen is talking about risky behaviors or communicating with potentially dangerous people.

Having a parental control app on your child’s phone will give you peace of mind by alerting you to your child’s exposure to risks encountered on their phone. With a parental control app installed on your child’s phone, you have the control to set alerts to help your teen avoid the pitfalls of predators, drug dealers, and other negative influences. Having the ability to vary the level of monitoring gives you the power to choose what is right for your child, and these levels can be adjusted easily at any time.

Come parlare con il proprio figlio dell'utilizzo del GB parola gergale

As you’ve probably figured out, when you’re trying to decipher intitialisms in your kid’s digital conversations, context is everything. The slang expression GB is a perfect example of a term that indicates behavior from no risk to high risk. Even though your teen might appear to shrug off any wisdom you have to offer, he/she is still absorbing your advice and your family’s values from everything you say. Usage of the slang term GB offers you the opportunity to talk about risky, illegal behavior.

Here is guidance for talking with your teen about unsafe behavior:

  • Ask your kid what he/she perceives as risks for drugs and alcohol. Have third party data available to back up your facts.
  • Encourage self-respect in your teen.
  • Role play strategies for resisting peer pressure.
  • Set up reasonable rules and consequences.
  • Stay aware of your teen’s social circle.
  • Remain objective and calm when your teen makes a mistake.

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