Cosa fa Thicc Cioè?
Definizione, casi d'uso, esempi

Thicc Significato

Thicc means curvaceous.

Thicc is an internet slang term that describes someone, usually a woman, with a voluptuous figure.


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Come è Thicc utilizzato? Casi d'uso ed esempi

A deliberate misspelling of thick, this slang expression is considered a compliment for full-figured women, especially those with curvy hips. Variations of this term include extra thicc e dummy thicc. This word originated from the hip-hop song Every Girl.

Esempi di come il vostro adolescente potrebbe usare il termine gergale thicc:

-check out my booty in my new leather leggings
-dam u thicc

-Girl, u lookin thicc!
-Thicc like a Kardashian or thicc like Abby the Otter?

-have u seen sharice
-yo sheez dummy thicc

-How was your summer?
-I lifted weights every day and put on some lbs
-I bet you’re extra thicc!

Come identificare se vostro figlio sta usando il Thicc parola gergale

Potreste scoprire che vostro figlio usa questo termine gergale per caso, quando un testo appare sullo schermo del telefono. Ma mentre il termine gergale thicc è innocuo, altri termini gergali adolescenziali potrebbero indicare che l'adolescente sta parlando di comportamenti rischiosi o sta comunicando con persone potenzialmente pericolose.

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Come parlare con il proprio figlio dell'utilizzo del Thicc parola gergale

A compliment showing appreciation for a curvaceous figure, the slang expression thicc is in direct opposition of the skeletal super model ideal. When kids are going through puberty, they are hyper self-critical; and it is during this deveopmental phase that eating disorders may take hold. It’s important to remember that boys as well as girls might feel insecure about thier physical appearances.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when talking with your teen about body image:

  • Be honest and express any anxiety you might have about your own body.
  • Approach body shape from a wellness persepctive rather than a beauty perspective. For instance, aspire to be fit rather than skinny.
  • Encourage body neutrality, not obsessing over one’s body in self-hate or self-love.
  • Talk about social media and discuss how the reality of photos can be altered with lighting, makeup, and software.

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