Web Filter for iPhone and iPad

The MMGuardian app for the iPhone and iPad can be configured to provide comprehensive Web Filter functions, allowing you to set restrictions on what websites your child may visit.

The complete solution includes detailed reports, accessible from the parent web portal, about what sites have been visited and attempts that were blocked.

The MMGuardian Parental Control app, available from the Apple App Store, functions as a Safe Browser once it has been registered and set up.

When using the MMGuardian app as a Safe Browser, categories of websites that are deemed inappropriate for the chosen age range will be blocked, based on the categorisation of the website content. Categories include Adult, Porn, Gambling, Drugs, Phising and many more.  Simply enable the Web Filter function at the Parent Web Portal and select your child’s age range.

Since the Web Filter is app-based, it will work irrespective of whether your child is accessing the internet via a carrier’s mobile data network, or a public or private WiFi hotspot.


MMGuardian Safe Browser

The MMGuardian Parental Control app is available from the Apple App Store and functions as a Safe Browser once it has been registered and the Web Filter function has been enabled at the Parent Web Portal.

Your child will then use the MMGuardian app to browse the internet, instead of Safari. When Web Filter is enabled, the Safari browser will be automatically disabled.

For additional information about the MMGuardian Browser for the iPhone and iPad, please see the MMGuardian Safe Browser page.



Configuring the Web Filter

Configuration of the Web Filter function is performed at the Parent Web Portal or Parent App.

Select the Web Filter section, then tap the on/off button to enable Web Filter.

Select the appropriate child age range. This will configure the Web Filter with default allow or block settings for each of the many categories that the web filter covers. The lower the age range, the more restrictive the default settings will be.

Whilst all you need to do is just select an appropriate age range, you may also customise which categories will be blocked or allowed. You may view and edit the category settings to match your specific needs.

Additionally, you can set “overrides” to always allow or block specific web site addresses, irrespective of the site’s categorisation. These are specific web site URLs (addresses) that should always be allowed or blocked, and will “override” the site’s  categorisation. Either just type in the desired URLs or select sites from the browsing history, then set  to be always allowed or blocked.

For example, you may have set the age range as 6 to 10, which will by default block sites categorised as “Blogs”, but want to allow a specific blog to be accessible. Just enter the web site address as an override, and tap on the Allow button.

Further, you may include plain words in the override list, which can also be used to block searches. Eg: just add the word “hack” to prevent access to both websites or search terms such as “www.hacking.com” or “how to hack Android”.

When Web Filter is enabled, MMGuardian will automatically block the Safari web browser. Accordingly, your child must use the MMGuardian Safe Browser to access the internet.

Important: Please remember that the Web Filter and web usage reporting will only work when Web Filter is enabled and the MMGuardian app is used as the web browser!



Web Site Reporting

When Web Filter is enabled, the app will send in daily reports of the web sites visited using the MMGuardian Browser, and attempts that have been blocked.

Additionally, you will be able to see how much time your child has spent on each site. These details are viewable in the Web Browsing section of the Phone Usage report on the Parent Web Portal.

A complete listing of sites visited each day is also available in the Reports section of the web portal.

The reports are currently uploaded overnight, or in case the phone is turned off overnight, when the phone is next turned on.



Web Site Categorisation

The categories that a web site belongs to are determined by a variety of means. Not everyone may agree with the assigned categorisation. If you find that for your circumstances the assigned category of a site is not suitable, you may override the allow or block status of the site using the Web Site URL Overrides feature.

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