Uninstalling the MMGuardian Parental Control App (Android)

Note: this is an archive page

To uninstall the more recent versions of the child phone app for Android devices, simply open the app and enter your admin password. Then tap on the trash-can icon in the top bar.


If the Android system has prevented you from uninstalling the app, referencing “Device Administrator”, then you will first need to disable the MMGuardian Uninstall Protection function:

Open the MMGuardian app using the admin (parent) password, and click on the settings icon. On this next screen, please ensure that Uninstall Protection is set to off. Then quit out of the MMGuardian application.

You may now proceed to remove the application following the standard Android process as follows:

Android Settings > Applications > Apps > tap on MMGuardian > tap on ‘uninstall’.


Deleting Account
If this was the only child device app that you have registered, then you may wish to completely delete your account from our system:

  • Log into the parent web portal, using your MMGuardian email and password
  • Click on the My Account link, top right
  • Click on the red Delete Account button


Deleting App from Account
If however, you still have other apps registered that you will be using, then you can delete just the entry for the app that was uninstalled:

  • Log into the parent web portal, using your MMGuardian email and password
  • Select the appropriate phone/app that is no longer in use and has now been uninstalled, in the top green bar.
  • Click on the “Setting” tab, lower left. Then click on the red “Delete from Account” button.


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