MMGuardian Phone Review



The MMGuardian Phone is a fantastic option for children of any age. The controls are extremely customizable meaning the MMGuardian Phone can grow with a child, allowing parents to be as hands on or off as necessary. It includes the most robust set of parental control features compared to any competitor, all for a lower price than any competitor. That’s right- for once you don’t have to pick between quality or affordability!


Most complete set of parental control features

Customizable for younger kids and older teens

Reasonably priced compared to other options

Compatible with most US carriers


It takes time to figure out all features

Currently operates in the US only

User interface could use an update


Most parents agree- giving a kid unfettered access to the internet is a bad idea. However, there is peace of mind that comes with knowing your child can contact you at any time or find their way if they get lost.

Getting a child a smartphone with built-in parental controls is a no-brainer. Even teenagers can benefit from the restrictions that can help teach positive phone use habits and alerts that can inform parents of concerning behavior.

This MMGuardian Phone review will provide you with everything you may want to know about the MMGuardian Phone.

MMGuardian: Phone Types

MMGuardian offers different options for parents who want a safe kid phone. Both phones are high quality Samsung phones, in contrast to some other kid phones which are lower quality brands.

MMGuardian Phone A14 5G

The MMGuardian Phone A14 is a 5G Samsung phone and the latest in its line. This is no kiddie-phone- it is a fast, impressive-looking phone that your child will be very happy with. It has a long battery life, large screen, excellent camera, and plenty of storage. It will last a long time.

SM-A146_Galaxy A14 5G_Black_Front&Back800

MMGuardian Phone A03S

The MMGuardian Phone A03 is ideal for younger children or your child’s first phone. It also boasts impressive specs and looks just like an adult smartphone so your child will be excited to have it.


How MMGuardian Works

After powering on the phone, parents will log in and be guided through the process of setting up the controls. After the initial setup, parents can set configurations from the MMGuardian Parent App on their own phone if they prefer.

The MMGuardian Phone does not come with a carrier phone plan so parents will need to choose a carrier or can add the phone to their current family plan. MMGuardian offers some options for affordable, 3rd party carriers.
When the phone is ready, it will act as a normal smartphone except with whatever restrictions the parent has set in place- from blocking apps to setting time limits to filtering web browsing and more. Parents can control and monitor their child’s MMGuardian Phone from the MMGuardian Parent App on their own phone.

Pros and Cons of the MMGuardian Phone


√ Allow/block any app from Google Play
√ View all messages, even if deleted
√ AI-powered Safety Alerts


x Doesn’t monitor email
x No family discount for multiple phones
x No options for very high-end phones

Can kids disable MMGuardian?

Since MMGuardian is built into the MMGuardian Phone, it has access to very powerful, system-level features, making it extremely tamper-proof. Children cannot even use safe mode or factory resets to bypass restrictions. Parents can also completely disable phone settings and prevent kids from side-loading apps onto the phone from outside of Google Play.

Does the MMGuardian Phone have internet?

The MMGuardian Phone is able to connect to WiFi and use cellular data. It also has web browsers that can be used for internet browsing. Browsers can be blocked entirely if the parent doesn’t want their child to use the internet, or parents can turn on the web filter to prevent their child from accessing inappropriate sites.

Can I Install Additional Parental Controls on the MMGuardian Phone?

Parents can use supplemental parental controls such as Life360. However, the expansive set of parental controls available from MMGuardian render additional apps unnecessary. If a parental control app requires many permissions to be used, it is likely it will interfere with MMGuardian’s functions.

How much does the MMGuardian Phone cost?

MMGuardian Phones come with flexible pricing options.

They can be purchased either:

Option 1) For full price, with a monthly MMGuardian subscription of $9.99

Option 2) For a heavily discounted price, with an annual MMGuardian subscription of $120. This option can be paid for upfront or with low, monthly payments via Affirm.
A14 5G:
Option 1) $289 + $9.99/month
Option 2) $229 + $120
Option 1) $189 + $9.99/month
Option 2) $119 + $120