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MMGuardian A14 (5G)

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Specially Crafted for Parents Like You, Striving to Safeguard Your Child.

An Exceptional Phone for Kids

MMGuardian Phones are customized Samsung phones delivering style, performance, an excellent camera and a long lasting battery.

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For more than a decade, we’ve been helping parents protect their children online with innovative and award-winning technology.

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Parental Control at Your Fingertips

You understand your child’s needs best. You will have complete control over setting the rules, from your own phone using the parent phone app.

Tamper-Proof Peace Of Mind

Our phones have built-in protection, ensuring your child cannot get around the rules that you’ve set by using safe mode or performing a factory reset.

Customer Testimonials

“The MMGuardian kid’s phone is essential for parents. The hack-proof controls can prevent even the most tech-savvy kids from disabling the safety features. Children these days are exposed to so much concerning material on the internet. Parents need to take advantage of tools like this to protect their families.”

Scott Driscoll

Internet Safety Expert, Crimes Against Children Federal Investigator

“I highly recommend the MMGuardian Phone to parents, especially if they are considering options for their child’s first phone. It’s so important for children to feel connected and not isolated. It’s equally important for parents to monitor children and reinforce healthy technology habits.”

Robyn Dubrow
School Psychologist

Comprehensive Functions

Location Tracking

Message Monitoring

Safety Alerts


Contact Management


App Usage Limits


Approve App Install


Phone Lock


Web Filtering & Blocking


Easy Reports & Management

The MMGuardian Phone

MMGuardian A03S

From $119

MMGuardian A14 (5G)

From $229

What Makes the MMGuardian Phone for Kids Different?

Discover the Advantages

  • Easily Find Your Child’s Phone
  • Web Content Suitable for their Age
  • Controlled Screen Time & Usage Limits
  • Content Analysis & Child Safety Alerts

Avoid Dangers

  • No Social Media
  • No Addictive Games
  • No Dangerous Web Browsing
  • No Calls or Texts from Strangers

Award-Winning Child Safety Technology

Recognition from leading organizations in the mobile phone industry


2013 Emerging Technology Award for “Mobile Apps – Productivity, Utility & Public Safety”. First Place.

2020 Global Mobile Award for the “Best Innovation For Enhancing Children’s Lives”. Shortlisted.

Why Choose an MMGuardian Phone?

At MMGuardian, your child’s safety is our top priority. Our Kids Phone has advanced safety features, including GPS tracking.

Take control of your child’s online experience with ease. Our user-friendly interface allows you to manage app usage, set screen time limits, filter web content, and monitor text messages and call logs.

Children have unique needs at different stages. Our Kids Phone delivers age-suited features and settings, ensuring your child’s digital experience aligns with their individual needs.

Kids are active, so we’ve designed our Kids Phones to handle daily wear and tear. Our phones are built to last with a durable build and reliable performance.

Keep in touch with your child through calls, texts, and video chats. Our monitoring features inform you about their activities, ensuring your peace of mind.

Child safety shouldn’t break the bank. We offer affordable and flexible pricing plans and options to suit your family’s unique needs.

Traditional smartphones expose children to risks they may not be equipped to handle.

Get your child an MMGuardian Phone and avoid those dangers

MMGuardian Phone FAQs

The most ‘frequently asked’ FAQs are included below.
For other FAQs please visit the main MMGuardian Phone Support Center.

The MMGuardian Phone is a specially designed Samsung phone equipped with MMGuardian technology, crafted to meet the needs of parents and children.

With over ten years of experience providing parental control solutions, you can trust that the phone and its built-in parental control functions will effectively work while ensuring your child feels comfortable using it.

The MMGuardian Phone is the perfect choice for parents who want to introduce their children to smartphones while safeguarding them from digital threats.

The MMGuardian Phone comes in its original, unopened Samsung retail packaging. Inside the box, you will find:

  • MMGuardian Phone
  • USB C charging cable
  • SIM card ejector tool
  • Quick Start Guide

Please note that a wall-adapter (charger) is not included.

Every MMGuardian Phone has a selection of pre-installed Samsung and Google apps, including a calculator, calendar, camera, clock, contacts, gallery, text messaging, and maps. Google Play and Google Chrome are also installed, but they are password protected by default.

With an MMGuardian Phone, you are not limited to a restricted list of available apps and games. You can install any app available on Google Play while retaining full control over which apps your child can access. It’s even possible to disallow any app installations altogether for younger children.

The MMGuardian Phone combines premium Samsung hardware with the MMGuardian technology developed over a decade of providing parental control solutions for Android and iPhones.

The parental control functions built into the phone offer superior control and monitoring capabilities. They also include additional anti-tamper measures, such as preventing your child from using safe mode or factory resetting the phone to bypass the rules you’ve set.

The MMGuardian Phone allows you to modify the phone’s settings to match your child’s maturity level. You can lock down the phone for younger children, even restricting internet access and app installations. As your child matures, the phone evolves with them, granting more freedom while maintaining appropriate safeguards.

No, the MMGuardian Phone does not come with a phone airtime plan. You can choose the phone plan that best suits your child’s needs from any provider.

The MMGuardian Phone is the culmination of over ten years of expertise and technology in providing parental control solutions. Unlike regular smartphones, it offers crucial functions for online child safety that evolve as your child grows. Even tech-savvy children will not be able to bypass MMGuardian’s parental controls.

While some parents consider flip phones, the MMGuardian Phone can be as restricted as a flip phone, but with powerful extra features that you won’t get on a flip phone:

  • GPS location tracking
  • Contact blocking: no spam calls or calls from strangers.
  • Text monitoring and child safety alerts
  • Web content filtering

Another option is using a standard smartphone with free parental controls, but they’re easily bypassed and lack critical features like message monitoring and contact blocking.

Finally, in contrast to some other limited “kids’ phones,” the MMGuardian Phone features high-quality Samsung hardware and incorporates built-in parental controls that can be adapted to your child’s changing needs as they grow.

Currently, the MMGuardian Phone is only available in the USA.

The MMGuardian Phone encapsulates the technology and understanding of the needs of parents and kids that we have developed from over ten years of experience providing parental control solutions.

Therefore unlike normal smartphones, it provides you with functions that are important to help keep your child safe online. 

And unlike some other “kids’ phones”, the MMGuardian Phone is based around a quality Samsung phone with built-in parental controls that provide the necessary flexibility as your child matures, so that they don’t quickly outgrow the phone.

Read our reviews to better understand why you should chose an MMGuardian phone for your child:

Not convinced yet?  See our comparison reviews:

Each MMGuardian Phone model is compatible with the major networks in the USA, although there may be some exceptions.

Please use the link below to check:

MMGuardian Phone network compatibility

Each MMGuardian phone comes with a 1 year Standard Limited Warranty from Samsung.

Details of the Samsung warranty are available at:

Yes. We recommend Samsung Care+.

Samsung Care+ not only covers mechanical breakdown, but provides low fixed cost repair of accidental damage (including water damage), and cracked screen repair.

Protection is $3 per month, or a one off payment of $49 for 2 years cover. 

Cracked screen repair of phones covered under the Samsung Care+ program is $29, and repair or replacement of accidental damage is $99.

Samsung Care+ is available directly from Samsung, and must be set up within 60 days of purchase of the phone.

For more details and full terms, please see:

Setting up the initial configuration of the phone will take just a few minutes.

See the video and step by step guidance described at:

MMGuardian Phone Setup

(Details of how to install the special reporting and control app on the parent phone are also covered on the page linked above)


MMGuardian Phone

Get your child an MMGuardian kid’s phone and avoid the dangers of a normal smartphone.

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Phone Payment Plan Terms

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If payments are not made the phone will be remotely disabled and will become unusable in any way.

The MMGuardian Phone can not be used as a regular phone unless you request for the parental controls to be removed by MMGuardian customer support. The controls will only be removed when the phone has been paid for in full.

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