MMGuardian Parental Control

AI powered phone monitoring and restrictions to help keep your child safe

The MMGuardian Phone

A choice of Samsung phones with MMGuardian built-in, from $119

How the MMGuardian Phone helps you keep your child safe

Location Tracking

Message Monitoring

Safety Alerts

Contact Block

App Usage Limits

Approve App Install

Phone Lock

Web Filtering & Blocking

Reports & Easy Management

Normal smartphones expose children to risks that they may not be ready to handle.

MMGuardian Phones are customised Samsung phones delivering style and performance. The built-in parental control functions are adaptable as your child grows and matures.

MMGuardian Phone Models

MMGuardian A14
MMGuardian A03S

The MMGuardian App

Does your child already have a phone?

Gain many of the benefits of an MMGuardian Phone by installing the MMGuardian Parental Control app on your child’s existing phone.

Text And Social Media Monitoring

Whats App






Tik Tok

SMS Texts

MMGuardian uses AI to monitor social media messages as well as SMS text messages.
Detailed message reports are available.

Content Analysis & Child Safety Alerts


Drugs & Alcohol



Online Predator

Suicide Ideation

Bullying Alerts

Drug Alerts

Sexting Alerts

Violence Alerts

Image Alerts

Predator Alerts

Suicide Alerts

Messages are analysed using AI.
As of the end of 2023 we have scanned 4 Billion messages and sent 13.5M child safety alerts.
A Safety Alert will be sent to your parent phone app to notify you about potential dangers.

What Parents Say About MMGuardian

Application for parent's phone available for iPhone and Android

Tap the app store button, or scan the QR code using the camera on a parent’s phone, to be taken to the relevant app store to install the parent phone app.

Parent Information Center

Get expert advice, opinions, and tips from world leading child safety experts.
Learn more about topics like raising children in an online world, why you should create a Safety Contract, and more.

More videos and a sample Safety Contract are available in the Info Center

Teen Slang Word Glossary for Parents

Get a better understanding about how your child communicates with their peers. Our slang glossary identifies terms that are ok and, more importantly, terms that aren’t.

Look them up in our comprehensive list of slang words used by teenagers!


What type of phone does your child have?

Click the relevant button below to be redirected to the appropriate information.

Or, scan the QR code using the camera on your child’s phone to be taken to the relevant app store to install the child phone app.

Parental Control functionality is different when the child device is an iPhone.

This is not the app that is used on parent phones.

The 7 Most Dangerous Smartphone Digital Threats

This free e-book explains the dangers that parents should be aware of, and how to safeguard their children.

(Please note that this e-book is currently only available in English)

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