MMGuardian Phone vs MMGuardian App

What's the Difference?

The MMGuardian Phone is much more than just a phone that arrives pre-loaded with the MMGuardian app for a child’s phone!

Yes, the advanced parental control and monitoring functions included in the MMGuardian Phone are enabled by technology developed for the MMGuardian app over the past 10 years, but there’s so much more.

The MMGuardian app includes industry-best tamper protections, however there are aspects that are hard or even not possible to achieve using an app installed from Google Play.

One example is prevention of the use of Safe Mode. Despite the app’s tamper protection measures, tech-smart kids can find ways to access this mode, and work around their parent’s rules.  With the MMGuardian Phone, it is simply not possible.

Another aspect of the app approach is that the app can be installed on thousands of different types of phones from numerous manufacturers. Whilst we strive to ensure that the MMGuardian app performs optimally across this wide range of phones,  we’ve been able to fine tune performance for the MMGuardian Phone.

Also, because the technology is integrated into the phone, the initial configuration to enable the parental control and monitoring functionality has fewer steps and is hence much faster. A parent does not need to be an IT genius to set up the MMGuardian app (as the vast majority of parents have discovered for themselves), however for parents who may be not so sure, then the MMGuardian Phone will perhaps be a better option.

So, whilst for many parents and children, the MMGuardian app will remain a good choice (and we continue to believe it to be the ‘best of the apps’), for optimum performance and simplicity the MMGuardian Phone is a better choice!