Why MMGuardian

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Our android parental control apps will help you protect your child from growing mobile dangers.

In the mobile age, parents face many dilemmas:

If I give my child the benefits of a smartphone, how do I know that they are protected?

How do I know they are safe from others, and from themselves?

The MMGuardian android parental control apps provide specific ways to help you address these concerns.

Mobile Applications

Kids become addicted to mobile games, preventing them from studying, sleeping, and interacting with friends.
Of more concern, there are also dangerous applications that can ruin the lives of children.
Sex and dating applications end up in the hands of young teenagers, putting them at the mercy of trolling predators.

Apps can be a fun diversion for kids, but they can also be a source of dangerous or sexual material.
The MMGuardian android parental control apps put you in control, allowing you to specify which apps are usable on your child’s phone and take the
appropriate action if you spot a problem.


Cyber-bullying is becoming a national problem and many parents worry every day that their child is being bullied by their peers.
But how do you know, when you are not there and your kids won’t tell you?

The MMGuardian android parental control apps helps you to help your child. Our Monitor feature enables you to choose words of concern to track and, if they appear in your child’s incoming or outgoing SMS messages, you will be informed, allowing you to take appropriate actions to protect your children.


Skipping classes, or even entire days of school, is a mistake that many kids choose to make, sometimes routinely.
Parents often struggle to prevent it, unaware that their children are not actually in school.

The Schedule Locate feature of MMGuardian’s parental control apps allows you to be informed of your child’s location at predefined times. Just set up schedules to coincide with school times, and you will quickly know if they are where they are supposed to be.

About Us

Our aim is to provide you with the tools you need to make your own decisions regarding your child’s mobile freedoms and safety.

The MMGuardian android parental control apps provides security and peace of mind.

It gives you the comprehensive parental control solution you need to ensure your child’s mobile parental control safety: advanced location facilities and alerts; text and drive prevention; cyber-bullying protection; innovative scheduling and powerful application control.

The MMGuardian android parental control apps offering is brought to you by a dedicated team of experienced mobile industry professionals, who also understand the concerns of digital-age parents. Our founding CEO and COO are both parents of young children who already use (and some more who will soon benefit from!) the superior protection delivered by the MMGuardian application.