Florida Text and Drive Ban May Lead to New State Bans

By Paul Grossinger

The most exciting results from the Florida Text and Drive Ban may come in the future; when other states see the law curb road deaths and adopt similar measures.

The Florida Text and Drive Ban, which takes effect October 1st, 2013, is the most stringent law of its kind in the nation.  It is a strong step forward toward Safe Driving enforcement for both teens and adults and, if enforced effectively, could lead to a dramatic change in the depressing fatality statistics from recent years.

Those statistics have been chilling: 3,000 teens died from distracted driving last year.  Statistics for adults bring the number closer to 10,000 nationally – with Florida being a key culprit.

As Floridians brace to abide by the new Florida Text and Drive Ban, parents have a fresh worry: will their teens abide by its tenets or get caught texting and cause their parents serious legal problems?

For many parents, that enforcement seems a daunting prospect, given they cannot be next to teens constantly and have difficulty making teens abide by the rules. MMGuardian can change that for parents.

MMGuardian gives parents the capability to enforce the Florida Text and Drive Ban.  It takes less than 15 minutes to set up and provides consistent protection for teens.

How? MMGuardian Parental Control for android smartphones includes a Safe Driving feature.  The Safe Driving feature blocks teens from sending or receiving text messages when they are driving a car.  Parents do not need to constantly monitor the Safe Driving feature for it to work; once enabled Safe Driving protects teens 24/7.  All a parent needs to do is download MMGuardian, register the application, enable the Safe Driving feature, and they are done.

So, if parents are worried their teens will violate the Florida Text and Drive Ban, MMGuardian is the answer.



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