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How to shield your kids from ‘NSFW’ apps

28 January 2013

If online posts are tagged #NSFW — not safe for work — they’re probably not appropriate for your kids. Over the weekend,
Twitter’s popular new video-making app Vine became stocked with porn….
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MMGuardian vs. Sprint Guardian

9 January 2013

MMGuardian Parental Control is a freemium Android app that offers some of the same basic features as Sprint Guardian.
Scheduled locate, time limits, application control, call clock, text monitor require a $3/month or $25/year subscription while locate
the phone via SMS, lock and unlock the phone via SMS, safe driving mode…
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Five Things You Missed at CES

8 January 2013

2. MMGuardian Parental Control

Manage your family’s phone usage remotely with the MMGuardian Parental Control application.

MMGuardian Premium ($2.99/month after a 14-day free trial) allows parents to forbid texting while driving. It also has an anti-cyber
bullying feature that allows parents to set a list of watch words. If one of the flagged words comes in a text, a copy of the message…
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CES ShowStoppers pitch event – Online Tech Support Help from Ask Dave Taylor!®

7 January 2013

The Consumer Electronics Show is expensive and for a lot of startups, it’s prohibitively expensive, thousands – or tens of
thousands – of dollars to be a very small fish in a very big ocean. As a result, there are external activities that are…
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Technologies that can help you parent your smartphone-toting teen

4 January 2013

‘How do I stop people from bullying my daughter on her phone?’ That’s a question that comes through our company’s support line on a nearly
daily basis. The parent is deadly serious, and the tone of the email is starkly clear: I don’t know how to…
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CES 2013: MMGuardian Android Tablet and Phone Parental-Control Apps To Be Launched

3 January 2013

At CES next week, Pervasive Group will give an official launch to two new apps for letting parents control the use of mobile
devices by children and teens: MMGuardian Tablet Security for Android tablets and MMGuardian Premium for Android…
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CES 2013: Microsoft is Gone, But Not Forgotten

31 December 2012

Meanwhile, in a Power Session during CES Press Day on January 7, Pervasive Group will unveil two new family security apps for
Android devices: MMGuardian Premium and MMGuardian Tablet Security…
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New Phone App Gives Parents Control Over Children’s Mobile Phone Use

30 November 2012

“Safe Driving ON.”
Looking down at his new android smartphone, James Zhou stares at the screen for a second, ensuring that the feature is turned on. Then he shakes his head.
“It’s so simple now, what parent wouldn’t want to use it?”
Zhou, a software architect, is the CEO of Pervasive Group Inc., a new East Coast software startup that creates mobile technology to help parents control their children’s smartphones…
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New Jersey Startup Incubator TechLaunch Shows Off Its First Batch Of Graduates | TechCrunch

14 November 2012

Pervasive Group: There’s no doubt that smartphone penetration among the younger set will grow in the months and years to come,
and Pervasive Group wants MMGuardian to be the way for anxious parents to keep tabs on their kids. The company’s Android app is
capable of locating a child’s smartphone, prevent texting while driving, set up time limits for phone use, and even monitor…
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28 January 2014

Pervasive Group Delivers Parental Control Solution to Saudi Arabia

Mobily GuardianTM Launches As the First Carrier-branded Mobile Parental Control Solution in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Powered by MMGuardianTM

Clifton, New Jersey, USA – January 28, 2014: Pervasive Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Mobily GuardianTM, the first carrier-branded Mobile Parental Control solution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mobily Guardian, powered by the award-winning and patent-pending MMGuardianTM Mobile Parental Control platform and technology, provides a feature-rich, cloud-based, and carrier-grade mobile parental control offering for parents who want to protect their children from the risks and dangers associated with smartphone use.
Mobily Guardian combines an advanced set of features as well as an intuitive user interface available in both English and Arabic. With Mobily Guardian, parents can easily:
– locate their children and track their locations over time
– set time limits which will lock the device during study or sleep periods
– specify times of day and days of the week when individual applications can be used
– block or allow calls from specific contacts and numbers
– monitor text messages for inappropriate language
– prevent texting while driving, and much more.
Mobily Guardian also incorporates the proprietary MMGuardian Uninstall Protection and Tamper Prevention Engine to keep the app from being tampered with or uninstalled.
“We are thrilled to offer our advanced mobile parental control solution under the well-known Mobily brand to Mobily customers throughout Saudi Arabia,” said Pervasive Group, Inc. CEO James Zhou. “Mobily continues to demonstrate their commitment to bringing innovative services to their users, and we are honored to have been chosen to partner with them on this exciting and ground-breaking launch.”
Mobily Guardian is available in Saudi Arabia on Google Play on either a monthly or annual subscription basis.
The MMGuardian platform behind Mobily Guardian is one of the first Over-The-Top mobile parental control solutions to incorporate carrier billing, and is available to carriers around the world whose customers are seeking a solution to the challenges of managing their children’s smart phone and tablet usage. MMGuardian is easily customizable, may be carrier-branded and internationalized, and can be quickly deployed onto any carrier app store or co-branded on Google Play. As a cloud-based solution, MMGuardian can be quickly deployed with little or no capex/opex, network integration, or time consuming testing cycles, resulting in a very low cost of ownership with minimal support and maintenance.
About Mobily
Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) was established in 2004 by a consortium led by Etisalat, the UAE based telecom conglomerate. Mobily is the official brand name of Etihad Etisalat, renowned as the second mobile service provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
About Pervasive Group, Inc.
Pervasive Group Inc., headquartered in Clifton, NJ, USA, is the developer of the award-winning and patent-pending MMGuardianTM mobile parental control platform, enabling parents to guide, manage and monitor their children’s mobile experience. The company has been recognized as a leader in emerging technology, as one of only ten companies accepted by the state of New Jersey Economic Development Authority to participate in the TechLaunchTM accelerator program in 2012, and as the recent winner of the CTIA 2013 Emerging Technology Award for Best Mobile App in the Productivity, Utility, and Public Safety category. The company has also been recognized as a finalist in the CTIA MobITS Awards (October 2013), the TC3 Spiffy Awards (September 2013) and the SXSW HATCH competition (February 2013). MMGuardian is a trademark of Pervasive Group Inc.
For more information about MMGuardian, please contact Joel Holl, Pervasive Group COO, at
Distributed by:
Pervasive Group, Inc.
855 Valley Road, Suite 204 Clifton, NJ 07013

7 January 2013

MMGuardian™ Premium Launching Soon: New Mobile Security App for Smartphones

Pervasive Group Inc. is excited to announce the release of MMGuardian™ Premium for Android smartphone devices.
MMGuardian Premium is now available to all android smartphone users through the Google Play store. Parents download the “MMGuardian Parental
Control” application to their child’s phone and access a 14-day FREE TRIAL. After the trial, MMGuardian Premium is available through
in-app purchase for either a $2.99/month subscription or a $25/year reduced-rate annual subscription.

MMGuardian Premium is Pervasive Group’s new, improved offering of MMGuardian Parental Control, a free application currently available on the
Google Play store that has garnered 50,000 downloads, 35,000 registered users, and a 4-star rating, which leads the mobile parental control
category. MMGuardian Premium includes upgraded support and new features.

MMGuardian Premium gives parents direct control over their children’s smart devices to keep teens safe, monitor their usage, and save money
using new, patent-pending technology.

With MMGuardian Premium, parents can:

1) Locate and Track their child’s phone

2) Prevent Texting While Driving

3) Lock or Unlock the phone remotely

4) Schedule Times for the phone to be located days or weeks in advance

5) Set Time Settings for allowed phone use

6) Monitor their child’s texts for sensitive words

7) Control applications usage

8) Prevent Uninstallation or Tampering

MMGuardian™ is available on tablet devices as a separate application named MMGuardian for Tablet. Please email or visit for more details.
Pervasive Group Inc. is a New Jersey company based out of Montclair, NJ and the recent winner of the New York December Ultra-Light Startups and NJ Tech Meetup ‘Best Company’ awards.

For more information, please contact co-founder Paul Grossinger directly at
Pervasive Group Inc.
855 Valley Road, Suite 203, Clifton, NJ 07011

7 January 2013

Launch of MMGuardian™ for Tablets: Pervasive Group Inc. is excited to announce the release of MMGuardian™ for Android Tablet devices.

MMGuardian Tablet Security” is now available on the Google Play store. The product is available for a 14-day FREE TRIAL followed by a $9.99
one-time payment.
MMGuardian for Tablets provides parents direct control over their children’s tablets to keep teen’s safe, monitor their usage habits, and
save money using new, patent-pending technology.
With MMGuardian Tablet, parents can:

1) Block app purchases. MMGuardian can disable the app store, either completely or at scheduled times, preventing your teen from downloading
unwanted applications and driving up your bill.

2) Set Time Limits on tablet usage. Parents can limit tablet use during certain times of day, including school and sleep time, to retain
control of device usage.

3) Monitor and control applications. Parents may control applications usage on their child’s tablet, and be informed when new applications are installed,
and are thus empowered to take action to keep their child’s tablet clean and safe.

4) Prevent Uninstallation. MMGuardian contains tamper and uninstallation prevention software, so only the parent can decide when to remove
the application.

MMGuardian™ is available on android smartphones as a separate application named MMGuardian Parental Control. Please visit for more details.
Pervasive Group Inc. is a New Jersey company based out of Montclair, NJ and the recent winner of the Ultra-Light Startups and NJ Tech Meetup ‘Best Company’ awards.

For more information, please contact co-founder Paul Grossinger directly at
Pervasive Group Inc.
855 Valley Road, Suite 203
Clifton, NJ 07011


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