Parents Must Ensure Kids Cannot Tamper With Phone Management Tools

By Paul Grossinger

Parents know that kids abuse apps, phone time, texting, and phone games.  It’s why phone management tools and apps exist; to help parents establish some level of control over their kids’ phone use – and rightly so.

Unfortunately, without effective tamper prevention, kids can often render such tools useless to parents.

To ensure their management tools work, parents must make sure that any parental control management app they use has both “Tamper Prevention” and “Uninstallation Protection.”  Tamper prevention stops kids from getting into the application; usually with a password and control over certain parts of the phone’s settings.  Uninstall protection stops kids from uninstalling the management app in their settings or through any method short of completely resetting and wiping their device.

Luckily, it is not difficult for parents to make sure this protection is on the product they use.  MMGuardian has this protection and has it prominently displayed on the Features screen of the application.  Other providers offering any sort of similar protection will also have it clearly displayed, so make sure to look for it in the product.


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