How to Reset Your Admin Password

  1. Go to the web portal log-in page:
  2. Click on the Forgotten Password link
  3. Enter the email address that you used to register the apps (see Note 1)
  4. An email with a unique link to reset the password will be sent to the email address that was entered
  5. Access your email account and open the email (see Note 2)
  6. Click on the reset link to be directed to the password reset function at the web portal (see Note 3)
  7. Enter your choice of a new password

Note 1: If you see an account does not exist error after submitting the email address, that probably means that a typing error was made in the email address entered during app registration. The email address that the app is actually registered under can be found in the MMGuardian child phone app (for Android: on the Settings screen) or on the slide out side menu in the parent phone app.

Note 2: If you did not receive the password reset email, please check to see if it is in your junk folder.

Note 3: If you do not see a clickable link in the email, it may be that your email application prevents link-clicking. Please copy the long website address (URL) seen in the email and paste it into your web browser’s URL entry/Search bar area.

Note 4: If you are having problems logging into the web portal with the new password, your browser may have been set to remember your old password. Please uncheck the “remember me” function on the log in screen, and enter your new password.