Why Get Your Child an MMGuardian Phone?

Protect Your Children from Digital Dangers

Secure Their Safety in today's unpredictable online world

How the MMGuardian Phone Shields Your Children from Digital Dangers

In our eBook “The 7 Most Dangerous Smartphone Digital Threats”, we give stats on the many digital threats kids face nowadays. For example, did you know that 43% of kids ages 12-17 in the United States who have a smartphone have experienced cyberbullying; an increase from 37% in 2022? At MMGuardian, our mission is to provide a safe online presence for kids and reduce that percentage as much as possible.

Defense Against Digital Dangers:

With the MMGuardian Phone, you can protect your child from harmful content and online dangers. Our web-filter lets you control and monitor web browsing, ensuring your child has a safe and secure online experience. And our Safety Alert technology will warn you about risks detected based on the content of text messages that your child sends or receives.

Controls at your fingertips:

Monitor your child’s app usage and set daily time limits for their favorite apps. Foster healthy screen habits and balance educational and recreational activities with our easy-to-use app and screen time management features.

Know where your child is located:

Track your child’s location and stay connected. You can know with a few taps if they’re at school, a friend’s house, or elsewhere.

Alerts On Your Terms:

Stay ahead with real-time notifications that keep you informed about potential risks or activities on your child’s phone. Our AI-powered Safety Alerts are your vigilant partner, tirelessly monitoring for cyberbullying, grooming by predators, inappropriate content, and other potential threats. Be empowered with knowledge, be able to swiftly address issues and foster a secure online environment for your child.

Text and call monitoring:

Enhance your child’s safety with our advanced text and call monitoring feature. Stay ahead of potential threats by keeping an eye on their messages and call logs. Our cutting-edge technology empowers you to safeguard your child from digital dangers. Gain peace of mind as you ensure your child engages in healthy and safe communications.

A Phone that evolves to meet your child’s needs:

Children have unique needs at different stages. Our phones provide age-suited features and settings, ensuring your child’s digital experience aligns with their individual needs.

Plus, the MMGuardian Phone, is not limited to a restricted list of available apps and games. You can install any app available on Google Play while retaining full control over which apps your child can access. It’s even possible to disallow any app installations altogether for younger children.

At MMGuardian, we understand parents' challenges navigating the digital landscape.

It’s why our phone is designed to give you the tools you need to protect your child, and guide them toward responsible and safe smartphone usage.

Take charge of their digital safety with the exceptional MMGuardian Phone. With our innovative devices, you can rest assured that your child is better shielded from the dangers of online digital threats. Empower them with a smartphone designed to prioritize their safety, granting you peace of mind as they explore the digital world. Trust in the MMGuardian Phone to deliver a safe and worry-free smartphone experience for your child.

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The 7 Most Dangerous Smartphone Digital Threats

This free e-book explains the dangers that parents should be aware of, and how to safeguard their children.

(Please note that this e-book is currently only available in English)

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