App Blog It Endorses MMGuardian Parental Control

App Blog It has endorsed MMGuardian Parental Control to solve smartphone dangers for parents including texting while driving and cyberbullying.

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Posted in Android By management On July 24, 2013

One of the biggest concerns in this online age, is the safety of children. There are many products on the market including native components of operating systems that attempt to safe guard young users. This app could keep your child safe and potentially save lives.NewImage

But with smart phones being used by more and more younger users, this is another part of the internet that needs to be a safe environment too. MMGuardian use a tried a trusted application that aims to make smart phones safe as well as giving parents a peace of mind. It is a great mobile solution, as the mobile internet market grows it is going to be an essential tool in the future.

But this app goes much further than just offering content filtering. This app gives a reason to give a child a smart phone, as it provides a location feature so that allows you to track your child’s location. So you don’t have to be with your child to need to known where they are ever again. You can track the location of your missing devices, so why not use that same technology for safe guard your children too.

This app also includes an App Control feature. So if you are ever too concerned that your son or daughter is spending too much time playing games or on social networking sites this app could too be an option. This app also comes with a text monitor, to ensure that those messages that you child is receiving is harmless and when it’s not you are getting an alert.

Finally one of the most important features of all road safety. Teenage drivers are at the highest risk of having an accident, and unfortunately the smart phone has contributed to this risk. A great this about this app is that is prevents phone use while driving. Put an end to that temptation to call, text or access social media when your son or daughter should have their eye on the road not on the phone!

It is no wonder that MMGuardian has just won the prestigious CTIA award.

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MMGuardian is available for Android phones and tablets and is available on the play store now.


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