Get Started with MMGuardian for child’s iPhone or iPad

Step 1

Install Parental Control App

Download the MMGuardian Parental Control app to your child’s device.

Register the app using your email address and choice of password.

Follow the on-screen instructions prompts to setup the app.

When you get to the app main screen, proceed to step 2.

Step 2

Install Parent Phone App

Download the MMGuardian Parent App to your own phone.

Log into the app using your MMGuardian account email and admin password.

Configure child app features.

Step 3

Manage and Monitor

The Device Usage menu item is where to view web usage reports.

The Location and Quick App Control menu items are used to send immediate commands to the child app.

For feature configuration (App Block Schedule, Web Filter Control etc), select the relevant menu item.

Select Android or iPhone

How to Use MMGuardian for iPhone/iPad

The application must be registered before it will start functioning and your trial period can commence. The following information is entered in the registration screen:


Your choice of password. If you already have an MMGuardian account, please enter your existing password.

Password Confirmation:

Repeat the password!

Parent Email Address:

This will be your MMGuardian account name. Please use an email account that your child does not have access to as it’s used for things such as password recovery and reset. If you already have an MMGuardian account, please enter your existing email address.

Enter the information described above and then tap on the Register button.

Immediately following successful registration, you’ll be guided through some initial setup stages to enrol the device so that it can be managed.

The last known and historical locations can be viewed on a map. Tap the Update Location button to get the device’s current location.

In addition to the on-demand Quick App Control, it is possible to create schedules when applications that have been downloaded to the device will automatically be disabled and enabled.

In the App Block Schedule screen, tap the Add Time Limit button. Then enter the desired start and stop times. To lock overnight, set the start time ‘greater’ than the end time, e.g. start at 10 pm and end at 7 am. Next, select the day or days for this specific schedule. Then tap on the Save button.

More than one schedule may be created, to allow for different times on different days; for example, to have earlier block times on evenings before a school day.

Prevent your child from accessing websites that are not appropriate for children, using the Web Filter function.

When Web Filter is enabled, MMGuardian will automatically block other popular web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Accordingly, your child must use the MMGuardian Safe Browser to browse the internet.

To enable Web Filter, select Web Filter from the menu, then tap the on/off button to turn it on.

Select the appropriate child age range. This will configure the Web Filter with default allow or block settings for each of the many categories that the web filter uses. The lower the age range, the more restrictive the default settings will be.

You may view and edit the category settings to match your specific needs.

Overrides can also be created. These are specific web site URLs (addresses) that should always be allowed or blocked and will ‘override’ the site’s categorisation.

There are also two additional settings: Allow Downloads and Prevent Location.

This is disabled by default. When enabled, the browser will permit downloads of file types MP3, PDF and ZIP. Please note that whether downloads are blocked or not relies on the URL of the file and whether it ends with .mp3, .pdf or .zip.

This is enabled by default. When enabled, it prevents websites from obtaining the location of the phone. When it is disabled, websites may request the location of the phone. Please note that even when enabled, the user will be prompted via a dialog message whether to allow the specific location request. Currently, every request from a website will be prompted—the MMGuardian Browser will not store the choice made for the site.

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