App Update Info on Parent App

When you next launch the recently updated version of the Parent App (version 2.1.4), the app will check with the MMGuardian system to see if updates are available. If there are updates for the applications installed on any of the phones or tablets on your account, you will see the pop up screen shown above.

To get additional details about the update, tap on the info (i) button, and a new window will appear.

By default, the Parent App will perform this check once each day, if you use the Parent App. However you can change this in the “Admin” section of the Parent App, on the App Settings screen, to be weekly or disabled.

Updating the application(s) on your child’s phone or tablet is performed using the PlayStore app on the device. See this page for step-by-step instructions on how to do the upgrade, if you are not sure.

We are rolling out this new function based on the version of MMGuardian Parental Control or Tablet Security app currently installed to your child’s device, so even if there is an app update available, you may not be informed about it right now. However, we will be extending the function to cover all versions of apps within a few weeks from the date of this blog post.

Note: this app update available information does not include the Parent App itself. We figure that since the Parent App is installed on your own phone, you’ll see the standard notification from PlayStore, when a Parent App update is available!


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