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Appscovery covered MMGuardian Parental Control’s prestigious CTIA Wireless 2013 best public safety and utility application.

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MMGuardian Parental Control Wins Prestigious CTIA Wireless Show Emerging Technology Award for Best Mobile Productivity and Public Safety Application of 2013

MMGuardian Mobile Parental Control Solution for smart devices has been awarded the CTIA 2013 Emerging Technology Award for best Mobile application in Productivity, Utility, and Public Safety.

MMGuardian is an Android application that enables parents to comprehensively manage their child’s smartphone use, protecting teens and pre-teens from dangerous mobile activities including texting while driving, cyber-bullying, inappropriate language or applications, distraction from studies or sleep, and sexting. Out of a large pool of applicants, fifteen semi-finalists, and five finalists, MMGuardian was selected as the winner by CTIA Wireless’ panel of carefully selected wireless industry experts.

“We are very pleased to win this prestigious award and to be recognized by CTIA and respected industry experts for our technology leadership in the exciting and rapidly growing mobile parental control space. We continue to rapidly innovate and create the best possible feature set and user interface, to provide parents with the peace of mind they deserve, while protecting children from risks associated with un-controlled use of smartphones and tablets,” said Pervasive Group CEO James Zhou.

Pervasive Group has developed advanced technology critical to building leadership in the growing mobile parental control space, including a parent-friendly user experience, an advanced battery efficiency algorithm which enables the application to run in the background with minimal battery drain, and the most complete uninstall/tamper-prevention engine available today, to prevent the child from altering the product post-installation.

MMGuardian is well-positioned at the forefront of a rapidly growing mobile parenting market. By 2016 industry estimates show that 95% of teens aged 12 and above in the United States and Europe will use smartphones, representing an international market of over 200 million parents and an annual opportunity exceeding $5 billion.

The CTIA Emerging Technology award is the latest in a series of exciting awards garnered by MMGuardian Parental Control. In January, MMGuardian launched commercially and was recognized at International CES as a Showstoppers Finalist. In October and November of 2012, MMGuardian also won awards from Ultra-Light Startups New York City, the New Jersey Entrepreneurship Network, and the New Jersey Venture Conference.

“We will continue to build on our leadership in this space, providing parents a comprehensive parental control solution and driving new and innovative features for this rapidly growing multi-billion dollar market,” Zhou said.

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