Best Ways to Use MMGuardian Parental Control Phone Lock

Phone Lock is critical to remotely managing your child’s smartphone use and keeping them safe on mobile devices.

If you are a parent, there are times when you probably just want to shut off your child’s access to their cell phone. In those very specific, trying circumstances, MMGuardian Parental Control gives you the power to simply shut off access at the press of a button.

Phone LOCK.

If you install MMGuardian Parental Control, you can quickly lock their phone bytexting “Lock:”followed by the number of minutes you wish to keep the phone locked.  So, for five minutes, text “Lock: 5”  And, coming soon, with Phone Lock you will be able to press a button on the app and lock it instantly.

So, what are the best reasons to use the MMGuardian Phone Lock feature?

  • Your child is texting while driving
  • Your child refuses to abide by the rules you set for phone use
  • Your child is texting in school
  • Any other reason you consider to be particularly important

So, what is stopping you from trying the lock feature today?


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