CES 2013: Five Things You Missed from Day 1

CES 2013: Five things you missed (Day 1)

Companies from around the world took advantage of Press Day at the International CES 2013 convention in Las Vegas Monday, showing off their latest innovations and gadgets. Here are five CES 2013 debuts you might have missed:

2. MMGuardian Parental Control

Manage your family’s phone usage remotely with the MMGuardian Parental Control application.

MMGuardian Premium ($2.99/month after a 14-day free trial) allows parents to forbid texting while driving. It also has an anti-cyber bullying feature that allows parents to set a list of watch words. If one of the flagged words comes in a text, a copy of the message is automatically forwarded to the parent’s phone.

A remote control feature allows parents to control, lock or locate their child’s phone from their own, while the monitoring feature allows for viewing of app activity, removal of apps and reading of a kid’s texts. The amount of time kids can use the phone can be limited using the app, and parents can set timeframes, like school hours, for disallowing phone use.

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