Cyberbullying Children: Reasons and Prevention

Cyberbullying children are a major American epidemic that parents need to solve to protect their kids.

Cyberbullying children infest America’s schools.  Cyberbullying children prey on their peers, attacking them 24/7 with social media, mobile texts, and in-person’s harrasment.

The had a detailed post on what cyberbullying children do and how they hurt their peers:

“Cyber-bullies utilize the Internet for the following:

• Send insulting messages

• Spread rumors

• Post embarrassing photos

• Pose as someone else and send messages supposedly from the victim

• Share someone’s secrets online

• Threaten the victim and make him or her live in fear

• Exclude their victim from an online group

Who is affected by cyber-bullying?

Middle –school and high-school aged youngsters are the most likely to be affected. Your child may be a victim and not tell you. Or, your child may be a cyber-bully.

Why do kids cyber-bully?

Children become cyber-bullies for the same reasons they bully in person. It makes them feel important. But unlike bullies, cyber-bullies can hide behind anonymity on the computer and be just as mean or meaner to others.

What are the dangers of cyber-bullying?

Victims of cyber-bullying can get so upset and/or depressed that they attempt suicide or hurt others. While bullies my threaten children at school, cyber-bullies “invade” your home so that there’s no escape from them. Hurtful messages or pictures can be e-mailed, posted online or forwarded via cell phones, making the bullying widespread and long lasting.

What are some warning signs a child is being cyber-bullied?

Warning signs may include; unexplained anxiety, anger, sadness, or fear, especially after using the computer of cell phone. Falling grades, lack of interest in friends, school or other activities, trouble sleeping, more or less interest in the computer or cell phone.

What can parents and guardians do about cyber-bullies?

• Talk to your children. Tell them to let you know if anyone is being a cyber-bully. If someone is, have your child save all communications from that person, including e-mails, Internet Messages (IMs), and text messages.

• Report incidents to the Internet or Cell Phone provider, your child’s school and/or police if you fear your child is in danger.”





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