Kids’ Distraction with Smartphones in School

By Paul Grossinger

Kids’ Distraction with Smartphones in School Solved by New MMGuardian Application.

Ten years ago, when teachers saw a student looking down at their lap, they assumed they were swapping notes. Nope: they were using smartphones in school.

Now, invariably, they assume the student is using a smartphone – with good reason.  And the consequences of that sea change and smartphones’ now ubiquitous presence in the classroom may be very harmful to learning and development.

Not everything is negative: smartphones do provide opportunities to advance student learning, particularly through instant access to information.  That can certainly be used to enhance learning – if done properly.  But, that kind of usage is extremely hard to regulate and, more often than not, students use smartphones to talk, text, and use apps.

The in-class distraction is taking a serious toll on student learning.  Until recently, guardians were powerless.  Now, they have a solution: MMGuardian Parental Control.

For guardians looking to either monitor and regulate, or simply put an end to, their child’s phone use in school, MMGuardian™ can help.

MMGuardian provides guardians with advance access controls for their children’s smartphones.  Caretakers are able to set, in advance, when their child’s phone will be turned off completely or when certain functions or applications will be blocked – either from their kids’ phone itself or anytime, anywhere from their own device.

For example, guardians can set 8:30am – 4pm as a “Scheduled Lock” time; blocking their child’s phone during school hours and removing the temptation for teens to spend more time texting than learning.  Setting up that schedule takes less than five minutes and solves one of the most crucial headaches guardians face every day.

Since most schools already prohibit phone use in the building, and certainly during class, guardians utilizing scheduling technology are simply holding their children accountable for existing rules.

MMGuardian is free to try and Regarding Nannies readers may use Promo Code “PUXMG2” to purchase MMGuardian for only $24.99 for the entire year.

So, if you know your child is using their phone at school and you want to make a change, try MMGuardian.  You may be surprised how fast your problems are solved – for good.


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