Larry Magid: Parents Can Help Prevent Cyberbullying

Larry Magid and his cyberbullying prevention article in Forbes prove one thing: the dialogue about cyberbullying solutions is finally entering mainstream American media.

If you are looking for a positive spin on America’s tragic rise in cyberbullying-related incidents, that is it: American media outlets that once only covered cyberbullying tragedies are now covering potential solutions to the cyberbullying epidemic.

Larry Magid wrote an article in Forbes on that exact subject: “Parents Can Help Prevent Cyberbullying.”

Larry Magid, who is one of the leading experts on cyberbullying along with Mary Kay Hoal and Anne Collier, had a number of very valuable tips for parents in his Forbes piece:

“’s new cyberbullying booklet answers parents’ top five questions and provides tips for both parents and young people. Tips for parents (which are greatly expanded and explained in the guide) include:

  • Know that you’re lucky if your child asks for help
  • Respond thoughtfully, not fast
  • Kids who have been bullied need to be listened to
  • The ultimate goal is restored self-respect

Children and teens are advised to:

  • Remember that “it’s not your fault”
  • Save the evidence
  • Not respond or retaliate
  • Reach out for help
  • Use available tech tools to block the person
  • Take action if someone you know is being bullied”

The next step for mainstream American media is to share technology-driven solutions with parents.  Communication, as Larry Magid cited, is critical but many parents need real monitoring and active management tools to protect their kids.  MMGuardian Parental Control is one choice for that management, providing bullying prevention, text monitoring, app control, call and text blocking, and text and drive prevention tools for parents looking to keep their kids safe.





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