Locate Your Kids While You Travel with MMGuardian

Locate your kids while you travel with MMGuardian Parental Control, which will help keep your kids safe.

By Paul Grossinger

Travelling with kids can be a chore.  As much as you want to enjoy the sights, you are always worried about making sure your kids are by your side and safe – or at least you know where they are.  MMGuardian can solve that problem for you: it is an app designed to help you keep your kids safe while you are travelling!

Parents install MMGuardian on their kids’ phones to know their location – anytime and anywhere.  Once a parent installs MMGuardian on their child’s device, all they need to do is text “Locate:” to their child’s phone and they will instantly receive their child’s location complete with a map and an address.

And, if you are travelling and know your kids will be separated from you for an extended period, you can set up a “Track,” which will send you repeat updates (at intervals of your choice) on your child’s location so you know they are where they should be at all times.

Travel is one of the best things in the world.  So is keeping your kids safe.  So, don’t travel without MMGuardian!


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