Texting While Driving in the Lone Star State

How MMGuardian is Addressing the Texting While Driving Epidemic in the Lone Star State

By Paul Grossinger

Texas’ legislature is now considering a ban on texting while driving. It’s time the Lone Star State, where more individuals drive more hours than any other in the nation, confront the growing epidemic.

The Lone Star State’s response comes at a time when unchecked texting while driving is on the rise. Research from AT&T indicates 49% of adult drivers  text and drive and 33% of teens are also guilty of texting and driving. Indeed, AOL reported last month that distracted driving is the No. 1 killer of teens in America.

When the Lone Star State does take action, MMGuardian can help.  MMGuardian, which has now been installed by over 100,000 parents, offers a comprehensive safe driving feature set that allows parents to block their teens from texting behind the wheel and offers a manual override option the parents can activate if their teen is simply a passenger in the car.

Once texting while driving becomes illegal, parents will want to make sure their teens do not violate the law and put their safety at serious risk.  Texting and driving is significantly more dangerous than any other vehicular activity, even drunk driving, so using technology to enforce rules will help parents keep their kids safe. Specifically, MMGuardian Parental Control’s Safe Driving feature enables parents to prevent their teens from sending any texts from behind the wheel. When the feature is enabled, MMGuardian detects if the child’s phone is in a moving car and, if they are, shuts off the device’s texting capability. Parents can also set up override times if they know their teen will be in a car that they are not actually driving and manually override the feature from their own phone if their teen sends them an alert.

The law is changing. How will you protect your teens?


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