Distracted Driving is the No. 1 Killer of American Teens

Distracted driving now kills more American teens than any other danger, according to AOL Autos, which reported that nearly 3,000 teens died in distracted driving-related accidents in 2012.

Many parents are at a loss.  How can you stop distracted driving activities when you are not present?  How can you prevent texting while driving if you don’t have effective communication with your teen about its dangers or lack the technology tools to enforce your rules?

But let’s take a step back to examine the issue in a broader light.  First, what exactly is “distracted driving?” It seems like an ambiguous, all-inclusive term for such an unambiguous killer. It includes any activity that impairs the drivers’ ability to operate a vehicle. Can you guess the No. 1 contributor to distraction?

If you said “Texting While Driving,” you are correct. Luckily for parents, technology has caughtup and there are great solutions to texting a driving. In parents’ case, where teens are minors and guardians own and pay for the phone, parents benefit from a lack of legal ambiguity and can take whatever action they deem necessary to safeguard their teens’ health.

That includes installing text and drive prevention technology. For that, MMGuardian can help because MMGuardian Parental Control’s Safe Driving feature can remotely block texting and driving anytime and from anywhere.  

MMGuardian’s feature set includes advanced text and drive prevention. Once you download the app as a parent and register it, simply go to the settings page and turn the ‘Safe Driving’ protection “ON.” When Safe Driving is on, MMGuardian will track if the phone and your teen are in a moving vehicle and, if so, shut down the phones’ functionality so it cannot distract your child from the road.

It’s that simple. Happy Driving!


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