Ending In-School Smartphone Use with MMGuardian Schedule Lock

Paul Grossinger

Smartphone use in school is a major problem but now parents have a solution: MMGuardian.

In 1960, when teachers saw students looking down at their laps, they assumed that they were reading a smuggled in comic book.

Now, invariably, they assume the student is using a smartphone – with good reason.  Smartphone use is becoming one of the worst sappers of teen productivity during school.

Smartphones present real opportunities to advance student learning. They offer, quite literally, a world of knowledge at the fingertips. But, all too often, students use smartphones to talk, text, and use apps – and the in-class distraction is taking a serious toll on student learning.

Until recently, parents were powerless. Now, they have a solution.

MMGuardian Parental Control is capable of ending in-school smartphone use by kids and teens.

MMGuardian enables administrators – usually parents but potentially educators – to control teens’ smartphones.  MMGuardian’s Schedule Lock feature can remotely lock the child’s device at set times of day; for example during school hours.  MMGuardian can also lock the device anytime; say, for example, if a teacher needed to remotely lock the phone of a student using it during class.

Parents know their kids should not be using the phone during school and now they have an answer.


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