Florida House Bans Texting While Driving

Florida House Bans Texting While Driving and MMGuardian Can Help

By Paul Grossinger

Four days ago, the Florida House of Representatives committee cleared a bill to ban texting while driving and making it a secondary offense.

This makes Florida the newest state to join a nationwide movement in the right direction to end texting and driving on America’s roads.  New York, Texas, Illinois, and many other states are also considering potential bans on texting while driving, with the level of penalties varying from state to state.

The new bill does not make it a primary offense, meaning drivers also have to be doing something else wrong to be pulled over, but the additional penalties should serve as a deterrent to many would-be offenders.  Essentially, drivers who commit one offense will see their penalties compounded if they are also caught texting while driving on the roads.

So, as a parent, how do you make sure your teen is obeying the law?

Install MMGuardian on your teens’ phone and turn the “Safe Driving” feature on when you register the MMGuardian application. With Safe Driving enabled, MMGuardian will disable your teens’ texting application when they are in a vehicle moving over 10mph and notify you if they are speeding.

MMGuardian also has an input for override times, so if you know your child will be in a car but not driving at a pre-scheduled time you can ensure the Safe Driving feature will not activate, and a manual override in case you don’t know they are not driving ahead of time.  That way, parents can communicate effectively with their children before they drive and enforce rules against texting while driving without stopping their teens from texting when they are only passengers in the vehicle.

Stay safe on the road. And let MMGuardian help your teens stay safe too.


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