MMGuardian Innovates Mobile Safety for Parents

Mobile safety is becoming a serious issue for parents and MMGuardian Parental Control is a solution that enables parents to better manage their kids’ mobile safety on android smartphones.

Parents have a huge problem that is only getting worse: they cannot regulate or control their teens’ smartphone habits for safety reasons. Parents needed a solution that gives them the power to control their teens’ phones when they need to, so they have peace of mind but don’t have to constantly monitor every aspect of their teens’ lives. MMGuardian is that solution and, after seeing such a positive response to our free android product, we decided to expand to iOS. We think RocketHub is the perfect place to raise awareness of the MMGuardian project, so parents know that there is a solution out there for them.


We are very excited by our support this far! 25 contributors have funded our campaign to 20% of its goal and we have received numerous emails telling us how exciting our solution is for parents and that they want to see MMGuardian available on a wider scale.  Our contributors know MMGuardian has the capability to help millions of parents and we know you will see that potential when you view the application’s caWe think mobile parental control is new to RocketHub as a crowdfunding project but MMGuardian has received a positive response and we are excited that this will help fuel our future progress. Our goal now is to make many more people aware of it, starting with the pioneering site visitors of RocketHub, so that MMGuardian can reach millions of parents in the U.S. and around the globe.

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