MMGuardian Phone Excites Parents and Media at CES 2024

After 11 years, MMGuardian returned to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV in January of 2024 and made another big splash.

After winning the prestigious CTIA award for Best Mobile Productivity and Public Safety Application in 2013 for the MMGuardian app, the MMGuardian team showed up at CES in 2024 with their newest product launch: the MMGuardian Phone.

The MMGuardian Phone is a high-quality Samsung smartphone with the award-winning MMGuardian parental controls built-in. These include AI-powered Safety Alerts which scan text and social media messages on the phone (including Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and more), alerting parents to potentially dangerous content such as online predators, inappropriate pictures, sextortion, and more.

The eye-catching “Safe Phone For Teens” banner at the MMGuardian Phone exhibition caught the eye of countless parents. They were enthusiastic about the flexibility of the controls which suit children of any age- from a young child getting their first phone, to a teenager who has earned more freedom and privacy. 

Many parents inquired about tech-savvy children bypassing the restrictions. They were pleased to hear that the MMGuardian Phone is extremely tamperproof. Kids cannot even use safe mode or factory resets to interfere with the parental controls.

Journalists were also intrigued, especially after hearing the phrase “AI-powered.” Several live demonstrations of the Safety Alerts were recorded on camera during interviews with MMGuardian Senior Marketing Director, Coley Pritchett. 

In particular, they appreciated how much MMGuardian prioritizes child privacy by including on-device AI for inappropriate picture detection. MMGuardian never transmits any images from the child’s phone, allowing for maximum security and legal protection.

There was so much enthusiasm for the MMGuardian Phone that more brochures had to be printed on Thursday! By the end of the day Friday, there were barely any left.

Below are a few examples of media coverage from CES. To see the complete, most up to date list, visit the press coverage page of the MMGuardian website.

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