South by Southwest Confronts Dangerous Parenting

The South by Southwest Conference Confronts Dangerous Parenting: MMGuardian Parental Control Presents at HATCH Competition during SXSW 2013.

By Paul Grossinger

Over 27 years, the South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival in Austin, Texas has become synonymous with geeks and tech; mysterious new gadgets, Star Wars helmets, and 70’s style after-parties.  South by Southwest has been a geek festival, a haven for fun technology and exciting gadgets – but hardly a venue to discuss dangers to children and teens.

But it’s time for a new subject to make an appearance at South by Southwest: safe parenting and the dangers of mobile smartphone use.

MMGuardian has been invited to present at the HATCH competition for exciting young startups on Sunday March 10th, giving safe parenting tech a vibrant, energetic platform to showcase how tech can help parents solve real problems affecting their lives 24/7.

Take Snapchat, the rising app phenomenon that is taking the teen world by storm and will certainly make an appearance at SXSW. While cool and exciting technology, Snapchat is often misused by children and teens – with disastrous consequences. MMGuardian will show parents how to block it; instantly making parents aware of a solution to one of their worst rising concerns.

MMGuardian is also capable of protecting children in teens in several other ways.  MMGuardian’s Safe Driving feature prevents texting while driving, its Monitor feature blocks bullying text messages, and its lock, locate, and schedule locate features give parents the ability to remotely control their children’s smartphones.

Most of all, it’s exciting to see safe parenting become a genuine technology issue, with the tech community – not just concerned parents – interested in hearing about exciting new solutions.

So, if you are at SXSW, check out MMGuardian’s exciting presentation at HATCH. SXSW is rising to the occasion with regard to safe parenting – and it’s time to become part of the solution.


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