MMGuardian Tablet Security Gives Parents Parental Controls

Tablets were the hottest selling mobile device in 2012.  Teens are buying them by the millions and parents are just beginning to adjust to the trend.  Tablet security will soon become just as important as smartphone security and MMGuardian is leading the way with the MMGuardian Tablet Security product.

For parents of tablet-toting teens, there is a growing fear that, while tablets can be fun and useful devices that entertain teens and create opportunities for interactive learning, they may also create serious problems. Pre-teens and teens with tablets often use inappropriate and sexual applications without their parents’ knowledge, are distracted by the tablet during school and study hours, and download dozens of expensive paid apps.

In short, parents need a solution that gives them comprehensive control over their child’s tablet usage.  

That solution has arrived.  It is called MMGuardian Tablet Security.

Launched this January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, MMGuardian Tablet Security is the first comprehensive tablet control application available to parents of teens with android tablets.  It is available for nearly all android tablets on the market.

What exactly does “comprehensive” mean in this case? MMGuardian is the only tablet parental control app to offer both applications monitoring and time limits on tablet usage.

With MMGuardian Premium, parents can do all of the following:

  1. Set Time Limits on Tablet Usage During Specified Times
  2. Block Their Child’s Access to the Tablet
  3. Monitor, Block, and Restrict Apps on Their Child’s Tablet
  4. Prevent Google Play Purchases
  5. Prevent Uninstallation or Tampering
  6. And now with Web Filtering


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