MMGuardian’s CTIA Emerging Technology Award Win Covered on Appscovery

MMGuardian Parental Control won the CTIA Emerging Technology Award in May 2013 for best utility and public safety application of the year and the exciting event was covered on Appscovery.

Please read the writeup on Appscovery detailing MMGuardian Parental Control’s exciting feature set to help parents protect their teens, which was the primary reason for the exciting CTIA Emerging Technology Award:

MMGuardian Wins CTIA 2013 E-Tech Award

MMGuardian Parental Control won CTIA 2013’s E-Tech Award for best mobile public safety and utility application of the year.

This milestone caps off a huge winter and spring for MMGuardian, which has received over 60,000 downloads since launching commercially at International CES in January.

MMGuardian Parental Control provides parents comprehensive protection for the kids’ mobile phone usage, including:

Text and Drive Prevention

Cyber-bullying Protection

Call and Text Blocking


Instant Location and Lock

Remote Phone Lock

MMGuardian is also part of a major anti-bullying campaign to help parents protect their kids. MMGuardian has partnered with K.R. Shields, the director of the anti-bullying film Love is All You Need, to bring focus on the harm done by cyber-bullying and how parents can prevent it and teach their children not to bully others at school or elsewhere.

To try MMGuardian, download it from the Google Play Store at the download link below or visit

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