The Cyberbullying Tightrope: MMGuardian’s Nuanced Solution

Cyberbullying is becoming a critical issue for parents and they must walk a tightrope to protect their kids.  MMGuardian’s controls give parents a nuanced solution to keep their kids safe.

By Paul Grossinger

Every few weeks, America wakes up to news of a child suicide. Often, the culprit is cyberbullying and parents are struggling with how to respond.  Parents must find the balance between responding too aggressively and alienating their kids and responding timidly and watching the problem grow worse.

Many parents know the troubling trend – bullying is invading the lives of their children and teenagers 24/7. Bullying has been around since the dawn of time but, before the recent advent of mobile communication, kids could at least escape it for long periods. Now, with cyberbullying taking place over cell phones – in text messages, photo sharing, and third-party apps, where can kids escape to?

Parents know they need an aggressive solution – and they need it now.


But – what about child privacy?

Few parents want to invade their child’s privacy completely; reading every drop of their child’s communication, all the time. Parents need to thread the cyber- bullying tightrope – to find a solution that gives them enough information to act but not enough to overwhelm them completely.

MMGuardian can help

MMGuardian’s “Monitor feature gives parents that tightrope solution – it enables them to self-select words or phrases that concern them, then sends alerts when their children or teens use those phrases.

MMGuardian Text Monitor
MMGuardian Text Monitor

For example, parents concerned about cyber-bullying may self-select, “suicide,” “kill myself,” “end it,” and other relevant keyword phrases. Most kids who are considering suicide reveal the intention to others, often through textual communication, so this method alerts the parent and helps make sure they can stop anything awful from happening.

If you need this help, MMGuardian is free. Try it at for peace of mind today.


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