Mobile App Startups in New Jersey Rising

Startups in New Jersey are rising and one of the biggest categories of growth is in mobile apps.

MMGuardian, which provides parents comprehensive parental control to protect teens from texting while driving, cyberbullying, and other dangers, is one of the mobile app startups in New Jersey rising with the state’s entrepreneurial tide and was covered by North

Hiring grads as a challenge for some mobile app companies

“We don’t want them to learn a specific platform or technology and not be able to have the tools if that falls out of favor,” Martin said.

Scott Smith, senior vice president of human resources operations for AT&T, said via email that “we have generally been pleased with the level of mobile application skills we’ve observed in our applicants and hires,” but as specializing in multiple programming languages grows in importance, it becomes more challenging.

AT&T tries to hire workers who have created an app on their own.

“Those are the folks that we know have a passion for this since they’re doing it outside of the classroom,” Smith said via email.

Paul Grossinger, co-founder of Clifton-based Pervasive Group Inc., which has a parental control app called MMGuardian, said many talented individuals right out of school often head straight to big corporations.

“The larger tech companies can gobble up the talent at whatever price it happens to be,” Grossinger said.

Pervasive Group sends contract work to workers in China and India so the company can handle multiple projects simultaneously while saving money, Grossinger said.

A developer in the United States can cost anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000 annually or more, whereas overseas, Grossinger estimates that the same price can net a worker with twice the experience.

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