New Technology to Keep Bullies off Kids Phones

Regarding Nannies has covered exciting new technology to keep bullies off kids phones and prevent the cyberbullying of children.

Cyber-bullying And Kids Phones

It’s a term many parents and caretakers are familiar with in passing, usually from news stories.  But its now a phrase that is invading the daily lives of families across the country.  Its time to keep bullies off kids phones.

Cyber-bullying has gone mobile and caretakers need to know how to protect children and teens from the threat.

Just recently, a 15-year old Canadian teen’s suicide after a video of her sexual assault was broadcast mobile and across social media has again highlighted the importance of cyber-bullying prevention and the tragic consequences of ignoring the problem.

Typically, kids suffer cyber-bullying through text messages on their phone.  Kids often send upwards of 50 texts per day, at all hours, and are liable to be bullied 24/7 on mobile devices. It has become very difficult to keep bullies off kids phones.

The worst part: most guardians don’t know.  If they do know, they don’t know the half of it.  Kids are very reticent when it comes to bullying; according to Pew Research, over 50% of children and teens suffer some form of bullying but only 25% of those who do tell a parent or guardian.

So, if you line up eight kids, four will likely have experience with some form of bullying but only one will have reported it.  Clearly, guardians need a new way to find out if their child is suffering from cyber-bullying and take action.

MMGuardian can help.

MMGuardian is a comprehensive mobile parental control application designed to help parents safely and easily manage their children’s phone use.

For those guardians worried chiefly about cyber-bullying, MMGuardian™ represents an effective mobile safeguard.  MMGuardian enables caregivers to choose the words or phrases that concern them, enter them into a personalized database, and then receive notifications if and when their child receives text messages containing those words from outside numbers.  So, MMGuardian notifies guardians when their child is being bullied but refrains from notifying them of every, single message for privacy purposes.

MMGuardian is free to try and Regarding Nannies readers may use Promo Code “PUXMG2” to purchase MMGuardian for only $24.99 for the entire year.

The mobile world is becoming increasingly unsafe for kids and 24/7 cyber-bullying is part of that trend.  But now, technology is here to help.


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