New Technology to Keep Dangerous Apps off Your Kids Phone

New technology from MMGuardian Parental Control now helps to keep dangerous apps off your kids phone.

Regarding Nannies covered MMGuardian’s comprehensive parental control capabilities, including app blocking, whitelisting, and blacklisting to keep dangerous apps of your kids phone:

New Technology Keeps Dangerous Apps off Your Kids’ Phone

June 4, 2013 by Alice Leave a Comment

Parents and caregivers have something new to worry about in 2013

Dangerous apps on their children’s phones represent one of the newest, most insidious dangers to kids’ safety.

Apps like Snapchat, Craigslist, Blendr, and others contain adult-themed elements and capabilities that rightly concern parents.  Craigslist’s app, for example, has a personals posting section where teens can claim to be 18 and post looking for sexual activity. Blendr, an 18-and-up app, enables random in

Snapchat, the most widely known dangerous app, is the personification of parents’ nightmares.  Kids using Snapchat can send images to other minors, often sexual, which self-destruct after a short time.  However, kids receiving messages can quickly take a phone screenshot; saving the sent image before it self-destructs.  Because distributing child pornographic images is illegal, and teens and even their guardians may be prosecuted in many states, parents rightly fear these apps’ presence on their child’s phone.dividuals connected by location to chat together via instant messages, making teen meet-ups with unknown adults just a click away.

For Android smartphone users, MMGuardian Parental Control can help.

MMGuardian is a comprehensive mobile parental control application designed to help parents safely and easily manage their children’s phone use and block dangerous apps.

MMGuardian has a feature named “App Control” that solves the rising problem of dangerous apps.  When MMGuardian is installed on their child’s phone, a parent can see the entire list of dangerous apps on their child’s smartphone.  For each dangerous app, parents have the option to either “Block” the app, preventing their child from using the app entirely, or “Time Restrict” the app if it is not unsafe but is used too often or at the wrong times.

For example, to block Snapchat, parents may simply select “Block” and Snapchat will no-longer be usable on their child’s phone.  This is as simple as logging into MMGuardian and clicking on App Control, scrolling to find the Snapchat name and icon, and clicking “Block;” a process designed to take less than five minutes.  Plus, parents can also block any other third party messaging apps they find on their child’s phone, preventing them from switching to similar, lesser known dangerous apps.  As a bonus, MMGuardian has uninstallation protection and tamper prevention, which stops kids from disabling its settings, so once a parent blocks Snapchat or any other dangerous apps, they know it is blocked for good.


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