Oklahoma Schools Face Social Media Bullying

Social media bullying has come to Oklahoma as students in junior and high school struggle to cope with constant bullying over online and mobile social media channels.

Allison Timberlake is just one example of this new social media bullying phenomenon.  The Tulsa mother did not give her eleven year old daughter access to social media on her home computer, according to Tulsa World, but her daughter still became the subject of a hate page on Facebook.  She found out virtually by chance when a fellow parent broke the news to her after finding out because she was looking into her own child’s social media safety.

Unfortunately, online pages on Facebook are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media bullying.  Kids now create pages on other social sites, including Twitter and Ask.fm (responsible for Hannah Smith’s tragic suicide), and create secret profiles on Kik, Skype, Oovoo and other social media applications to bully their peers.

“Though not as common as face-to-face bullying, the practice of using a smartphone or computer to harass, threaten or embarrass another student — often anonymously — is on the upswing across the state and has local school officials considering social media policies to curtail the behavior,” according to NewsOk.com.

Parents and educators are looking for new answers to social media bullying but, right now, the landscape is becoming difficult to control.

“Cyberbullying is everywhere,” said Melissa White, executive director of counseling for the School Education Department.

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