Protect My Children Online with Android Tablets and Smartphones

Family Perspectives endorses MMGuardian Parental Control, which helps protect my children online and on android smart devices.

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Protecting Your Children Online With Android Tablets and Smartphones


Kids with Education Tablet ComputersIt used to be easy to protect your kids from unsightly content or unsuitable material meant for adult’s eyes only, but modern technology has dramatically changed all that. A couple of decades ago a PC was a big investment so most households only had one. This made it fairly easy for parents to monitor what their kids were doing when they were using the PC. Nowadays most kids are the proud owners of their own Internet enabled Android tablet or smartphone, which is perfectly capable of displaying all the inappropriate content they can get their hands on.

As parents we want our kids to be up to speed on the latest technology. After all, they’re only going to have to get to grips with it in the outside world after school anyway – so the sooner the better, right?  Kids are easily manipulated by online predators who use threats to lure kids into doing what they want. Many children are groomed into cybercrime by these nefarious online presences, or even worse – convinced into a physical meet up where the child can disappear, never to be seen alive again. Sadly, it happens, so it pays to be prepared with specialized software that allows for mobile parental control.

You might not just be saving your young person from psychological damage, but you may also be saving their life by using special applications designed to protect your children while they are online with any device. MMGuardian is one such application that gives a parent peace of mind and allows their children to learn and use the latest technology, while putting all the control safely in the parents hands.

MMGuardian lets parents block apps they deem unsuitable for all time, or they can allow the child some freedom online but only at times set by the parents. This allows the child to have a chat to their friends but only at a time when the parent can safely monitor who they are talking to. There are also settings which completely block the Google Play Store – effectively denying them the chance of installing any apps which may be unsuitable. With these features a parent can control their child’s use of a tablet such as only being able to use it for homework and controlling who they chat to, and when.

If the device is a smartphone parents still have complete control as the software will send the parents an alert whenever a certain keyword is used in a text message on the child’s phone. Parents are also able to control who can and who cannot contact their kids via the phone. MMGuardian makes it easy to block out undesirables completely by only enabling select phone numbers.


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