Quality App to Control Your Kids Phone Activity

Control your kids phone activity with the quality app endorsed for parental control by HighTechholic: MMGuardian Parental Control.

Hightechholic endorsed MMGuardian as the best application to remote control your kids phone activity, block texting and driving, and prevent cyberbullying:

MMGuardian Parental Control – Quality app to control your kids activity

They say parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world, and indeed that is 100% true. Parents who get scary fast, want to control their children and are overprotective are not freaks. They just love their children too much and want to stop bad things from happening to them. Also, some kids are making great expenses on their phones, playing too much games and messing around, so parents often end up with massive expenses and nervous situations with their children.

Today, we will present one Android app that will help you increase the control over your children and prevent any unwanted problems. MMGuardian Parental Control will help you to gain control over your child phone. So, lets see what MMGuardian Parental Control will offer you:

  • Locate your child’s phone
  • Lock your child’s phone
  • Set predefined times to be informed of the location of your child’s phone.
  • Set time restrictions to limit use, eg: during school hours.
  • Prevent your child texting and driving, without killing their phone’s battery.
  • Block incoming calls and texts.
  • Monitor alarming text messages.
  • Control which applications can be used, and when.
  • Receive a daily report on your child’s phone usage.



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