Quiet Time for Alerts on Parent App

The recent update to the Parent App, version 2.1.4, includes the ability for you to set a daily time period during which the app will not issue any audible or vibe notification when an alert is received. Perhaps we were not feeling very creative the day we developed this, as we simply call this function “Quiet Time”.

When Quiet Time is turned on, the alert will still be received by the Parent App, and you’ll see the grey MMGuardian notification icon in the Android notification bar.  But there’ll be no annoying rings or vibes if the time that the alert arrives is within the time you’ve set as your Quiet Time! The times are set and shown using a 24 hour format.

This function is separate from the existing Vibrate Only option. If you’ve enabled vibe only, then that will be overridden and no vibe will be given during your Quiet Time.

If you are remotely managing more than one child’s device app , then you’ll see the Quiet Time and Vibrate Only options at the bottom of the Alert Settings screen for each of the phones or tablets. However the settings in this section apply to the Parent App as a whole, and hence is the same for each child app. Perhaps it would have made more sense to put these in the Admin section of the Parent App, but it’s here, as relates to the alerts sent from the child phone (or tablet) app!


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