Site Reviews Live Endorses MMGuardian Parental Control

Site Reviews Live has endorsed MMGuardian Parental Control as the leading solution for parents seeking to protect their teens from smartphone dangers.

This is what Site Reviews Live wrote about MMGuardian:

MMGuardian Android Application REVIEW

by Sagar Malik

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As the name says, MMGuardian is a must have Android application for all the parentsand guardians who are concerned about their children spending (or wasting) to much time playing games on their android phones and tablets.

With features like lock, locate and track; it has never been easier to keep a child in full control with just the help of an application. The lock features completely locks the device but keeping the secuirty of the child in mind, it allows the child to contact emergency services and the admin (parent/guardian in most cases). The locate feature can be used for directly finding the location of your child without having to call them and ask them, they won’t be able to lie to you anymore.

Other amazing features include safe driving and text monitoring (if you are concerned a lot about your child then you might like to keep an eye on a few words that you don’t want him to use in texts like suicide, gun etc).

I installed this application on my younger brother’s phone and tried it for 3 days in a row, experimented every single feature I could and I must say that I actually had entire control over his life, more than I have ever had on mine. I was really impressed with the safe driving and locate feature in particular, they are just a little more better than all the others (at least in my opinion). I really had no interest in monitoring my brother’s texts but guess what, I gave it a try and it wasn’t fun, haha. Well, at least he should have some privacy. So, except for the privacy part with the text monitoring feature, everything was too good to be true and I would really recommend parents to use this application for keeping their child in complete control and it would obviously be better if you could just think that the text monitoring feature is only to be used if your child is not having a good state of mind. Make sure you don’t take his privacy away from him.

Check their official website out – MMGuardian.


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