TC3 Spiffy Awards Nominate MMGuardian as a Finalist

TC3 Spiffy Awards have nominated MMGuardian as a Finalist at the upcoming TC3 Conference in mid-September.

Here are the details of MMGuardian’s exciting nomination at the TC3 Spiffy Awards:

2013 SPIFFY Award Nominees Announced Nominee Roster Catalogs the Telecom Startup Watch List

30+ Global telcos recognize outstanding telecom innovation at the SPIFFY Awards. Our nominees and our Service Provider members will be on hand to congratulate everyone’s hard work and the strides we make forward together.

WEBWIRE – Monday, July 15, 2013

Telecom Council of Silicon Valley announces the nominees for the 2013 SPIFFY Awards. Nominees are selected by the Telecom Council’s Service Provider Forum (SPIF) from among over 100 early-stage companies, representing a broad range of telecom products and services, who presented in Telecom Council meetings June 2012 through May 2013.

All companies which are invited to present at a Telecom Council meeting, have been identified as a promising telecom company. From among these, some young companies stand out for their innovation, market opportunity or quantifiable interest among the Council’s 30+ global Service Providers including AT&T, British Telecom, DoCoMo, France Telecom/Orange, Swisscom, Verizon, Vodafone and many other fixed and wireless carriers from Europe, Asia, and North and South America listed on the Telecom Council website.

SPIFFY Award winners will be announced by members of the Council’s Service Provider Forum in a public ceremony, on day 1 of the annual TC3: Telecom Council Carrier Connections Executive Summit, September 18th at Juniper, Sunnyvale, CA. SPIFFY nominees will attend the ceremony joined by an estimated 500 telecom professionals, including the senior executive carrier speakers from the summit.  The SPIFFY Awards are open to the public who may register at

And the 2013 SPIFFY Award Nominees are…

Graham Bell Award for Best Communication Solution
Telecom is really about helping people communicate, historically that has meant connecting one with another, but now can mean connecting many with many, or connecting people to machines. This award recognizes the company that advanced the noble cause of improving telecommunications.
bMobilized,  Cenoplex,  Genesis Technical Systems,  HarQen, Range Networks

Edison Award for Most Innovative Startup
Some ideas are so unusual they surprise you, but it’s a small minority of these that are also likely to succeed. With this award, we recognize the startup that brings the most innovative ideas, but also the ability to successfully bring that idea to market.
Engine Yard,  GigSky,  HarQen,  HighlightCam, SIGFOX

San Andreas Award for Most Disruptive Technology
This award is for the most game-changing startup to present to the Telecom Council. It is offered to the company whose progress is most likely to disrupt markets and change the way people do things.
Candi Controls, Genesis Technical Systems, iQmetrix, SmartThings, Whitenoise Labs

Core Award for Best Fixed Telecom Opportunity
This award recognizes the best investment opportunity within the fixed telecom sector that we’ve seen at the SPIF Meeting in the past two years.
2600hz, BEEcube, BroadHop, ParStream, RainStor

Zephyr Award for Best Mobile Opportunity
This award recognizes the best investment opportunity within the mobile telecom sector that we’ve seen at the SPIF Meeting in the past two years.
Bipper, Crittercism,, Pervasive Group, Quixey

Ground Breaker Award for Engineering Excellence
This award is offered to the company that has produced the most impressive technological advancements. These are the firms who have invested in R&D, and have turned the gears of progress through sweat, tenacity, and a Costco account for Jolt and Mountain Dew.
Incoming Media, Jibe Mobile, Looxcie, Sentilla, Rsupport

Prodigy Award for the Most Successful SPIF Alumni
This award is given to the pre-2010 SPIF presenting company that went on to achieve the most notable growth, market success or exit
AirHop Communications, Cloudscaling, Devicescape, Guavus, Violin Memory


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