TechLaunch Graduates Take Top Prizes at NJTC Event

TechLaunch graduate Pervasive Group took a top prize at the June NJTC event for its MMGuardian Parental Control application.

MONTCLAIR – Echolocation and Pervasive Group, two members of TechLaunch’s Inaugural Class of 2012, took top prizes at the NJTC Venture Conference as promising new companies to the investor community and corporate businesses last Friday.

“Given that there were so many high quality startups at NJTC Venture Conference 2013, we were thrilled to receive this honor. Our mission is to create a really simple way for people to communicate at a location, and in doing so we feel we will be uniquely poised to capitalize on the high growth opportunity represented by the local, mobile ad market,” said Brian Donohue, Echolocation Co-Founder.

Echolocation received the Judges’ Choice Award while Pervasive Group received the Most Likely to Have an IPO Award.

“We are honored to win this prestigious award from the New Jersey Technology Council and we’re very excited that others share our vision for this difference-making company and product. We are proud to add this achievement to our list of recent milestones, including the Best Company award at the NJEN conference in February, as well as winning the New York Ultra-light startup contest last December,” said Paul Grossinger, Pervasive Group Co-Founder.

Echolocation is a Brooklyn-based technology company that founded Echo, a mobile, micro blogging application that connects users to their GPS location in 140 character messages. Pervasive Group created MMGuardian, a mobile parenting solution for Android smartphones, allowing parents to monitor and control their child’s cellphone.

“As our Class of 2012 companies continues to outshine the competition and impress the investor community, we are more confident than ever about the importance of having a technology accelerator model alive and well in New Jersey. I am very optimistic about the current applicants to our expanded 2013 LaunchPad program, and so personally proud of both Pervasive Group and Echolocation. Congratulations!” said Mario Casabona, TechLaunch’s Founder and CEO.


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